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I outlived my port

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I started having problems with my mediport last week with redness which was finally diagnosed as a skin infection in the area. Well, the surgeon that installed it examined it and determined it couldn't be used any longer due to it being so close to the surface of the skin probably from some weight lose post-op. I had a PIC installed yesterday (i hate it already), mediport comes out next Thursday and a new one goes in once the site heals. It was amazing to see the xray with all the staples from the MIE in it.

My plan is to outlive the next one as well. :)

Take care

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Mom had a PICC line too. She didn't like it. Never caused any problems though. She just didn't like the bother of it. Beats a poke in the arm a million times!

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I still have mine after over two years. I think I am kind of superstitious about taking it out although I only use it when I have blood tests done at my six month check ups with my oncologist. My goal is to keep it until I have my five year check up and then get it taken out.

I hope your new one lasts until your five year check up as well.

Best Regards,

Paul Adams
McCormick, South Carolina

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Two year survivor

Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here we might as well dance!

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My original plan was to keep it until I had two clean scans. Well I be darned I never got the first one. I like your idea though of 5 years. :) I do miss the port after having to deal with this PIC while I wait.

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Sorry you had to get a PIC, especially since you already hate it. But I sure do love your attitude--gave me a chuckle to read your post title!

Like Paul, I still have my port after 2 1/2 years. My oncologist said if I have another clean scan at the 3 year mark in October, that we'll discuss removing the port then. We'll see...

Anyway, how interesting to see your xray with the staples. Even though I've had several chest xrays, I've never asked to see mine. It would probably be quite a sight!

As always, sending hugs and prayers your way!


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