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More Cancer but not EC!

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Well the results are finally revealed. My husband has Renal Cell Carcinoma now. He is a 1.5 year survivor of Esophageal Cancer. We have been so concerned it was going to be a reoccurrence that hearing it was Kidney Cancer was in a strange way a relief. He will have to have another surgery, no chemo or radiation and survival rates are near 100%. They caught it early and it is non aggressive cell type. So glad to have the results and know what we are dealing with. The bad new is he could have a syndrome that causes multiple cancers to form, but we will cross that bridge if that is the case. If it is the case….it is hereditary and our children would have to be monitored. But again, we don’t know that to be the case and I’m not going to go there now.

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So sorry for the diagnosis, but so pleased that it isn't an EC reoccurance! Sure like the sounds of a near 100% survivable and non-aggressive cancer. Makes for good odds.

Wishing your husband another success story!

You are in our prayers.



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I guess it really gives us a perspective of how serious esophageal cancer is when they tell us "it is cancer but the good news is that it is not a recurrence of esophageal cancer". I am glad that the prognosis is so positive. Hopefully the surgery will be minimally invasive and he will be back to doing the things he enjoys quickly.

Best Regards,

Paul Adams
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Sorry to hear about the cancer, but sure glad it's not an EC recurrence! Sending lots of hugs and prayers your way!


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It does suck to have another form of cancer - one is plenty. We have a friend who has kidney cancer and he has done very well with the treatments he has had - over 4 1/2 years now.

Sending you all big hugs and wishes for a Peaceful Easter. You know we're all pulling for you guys and will be waiting to hear what his treatment will be. And we'll also be hoping that he doesn't have some predisposition to cancers and that your children will never hear the 'c' word for themselves.

Hugs and FEC,

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I had kidney cancer in 2008. Same thing 99 percent cure..then 2010. EC cancer. I have heard of a couple others. Too. Makes me wonder what the link is. Must be one.

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That is enough to make one think, Hmmmmmm. I had not logged on to this site in weeks and then when I did I find your reply to an April post, Hmmmmmmm.

Hang in there!

Lee Ann

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