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Have you had your tonsils removed?

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There's no one any longer around for me to ask how young i was when i had my tonsils removed, 7? 8?
The reason I ask this is I just read article that tonsils are another source of "T" cells, a type of immune cell......Till this, I was under impression removal of tonsils had no effect.....Now I wonder.......steve


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...still have the original equipment.

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I still have mine. Interesting. I'll have to find the article.

Posts: 1939
Joined: Oct 2009

forget to do so when posted.....I guess some of us did and some didn't......Hmmmmm

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I had mine out at 18.

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Still have em....but when I was younger like 10 years old or so, they talked about removing adenoids or something, I had swollen nodes and would breath through my mouth and snore....so they were checking for something causing the swollen nodes....but it just resolved itself.

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I had mine out at age 5. I'll have to read this article. Hmmm

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I've never had problems that might have required removing anything, until cancer came along...still have my tonsils and suchnz.

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Lost mine at five,one of the worst experiences of my young life. Ron.

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