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CEA question

JayhawkDan Member Posts: 205
I'm new here -- and will post more, but have a question about my CEA number. I was diagnosed 2 months ago, stage 4 colon with mets (liver). I'm on folfiri every 2 weeks and have been through 4 treatments. The first CEA was 44, then 43, then 12, then 4.2. That sounds very encouraging, but is it expected? I didn't get the last results til after I had met with the doctor, so I didn't get a chance to get his reaction this round.


  • steveandnat
    steveandnat Member Posts: 886
    sounds good
    Your drop in you cea number sounds good. My understanding is the decline is a sign you tumor is shrinking. I think cea under 5 is good. When I was first dd stage 4 June 09 my cea was 600 and has been under 5 most of the time since starting treatment. Occasionally it will go up back in January it went to 32 and that got me worried but that was about the time I got a prostrate infection which the onc said could cause the cea to go up. This cancer stuff is such a rollercoaster one day things look bad then a few days later they look up. Take one day at a time and enjoy the good ones. Pray your cea stays low. Jeff