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colonoscopy in am

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fighting for mom
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Well mom had crc stage 2a with resection and chemo and praise God nothing new for 4 years. I had blood in stool 1 month ago. Went to GP who surprisingly said not to worry unless it persists- I thoroughly discussed all concerns etc but he didnt want to do anything. Well -I havent been feeling well and went to different Dr in same office on Monday. So without blinking an eye scheduled me for a colonoscopy tomorrow am and ordered a bunch of labs. He asked me did I know that crc can have a familial link- uh yes and I noted to dear dr that I told that to dr on last visit. Frustrating! Praying for good results.


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Hoping that the scope results are all good news, but so very glad you persisted.

Someone needs to take that first doctor aside and help him/her understand what is what.


Marie who loves kitties

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fighting for mom
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Well- I got an all clear fom my colonoscopy this am. I am so relieved- finally told my mom tonight about whats been going on. I didn't want to tell her until I knew the results.
So I guess the first Dr was right -- but my concious is relieved knowing for sure!

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You don't want to chance it...
Glad it's OK

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Wonderful news that all is clear from your colonoscopy. Praying it is always good. Have a great Easter. Jeff

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