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sick of sickness!

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Hey gang,

Just need to vent a bit. Jeff has landed in the ER with pnuemonia. He has been fighting a cough for a couple of weeks and it bloomed into full blown pneumonia this morning. He went to his doctor for the cough but all signs pointed to viral, even had chest x-rays. We are waiting to be admitted now. The good news is that it was caught and he is not in septic shock this time. The bad news is that we were suppose to leave for a trip to Florida on Saturday...not happening now! This would have been our first vacation since diagnosis and we were really excited. Oh well, his health is more important, just would have been good for my mental health!!

Take care friends,


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I am sure that Jeff is very frustrated to be dealing with this now. But good that it was caught before things got really serious. It would have been really bad if you had both been down in Florida when the cough turned to pneumonia. I am so sorry.

We will be praying that Jeff recovers quickly and spends minimal time in the hospital.

Florida will still be there when he is feeling better.

Best Regards,

Paul Adams
McCormick, South Carolina

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Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here we might as well dance!

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Hated to hear this news. Thank goodness it was caught early. Sending lots of good thoughts and hugs your way.


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Glad this was caught before being a bigger problem, Niki. Sux that it stepped on your vacation plans, but still better to be home with docs and hospitals you know.

When Jeff's out of the hospital and feeling a bit better, head for the local seafood restaurant and order anything typical for Florida and extra umbrellas in your drink.

Love & {hugs} to you both!


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Don't cancel your vacation....postpone it until Jeff is better. Remember our buddy Eric and how good he felt to get his toes in the sand?? You both deserve a vacation so I say...go for it - just not this week.
It really is a good thing this hit before you left on vacation though. It's much better to be in your home when things are rough.
I hope he gets the medicine he needs to be well soon.
Hang in there.

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Take care, holidays can be postponed, I know really frustrating, but he really is in the best place now, thinking of you both stay strong.

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Thanks all for letting me vent a bit. All of you are absolutely correct, it is SO MUCH better that this happened before we got to Florida. My new plan is that we get this next PET scan under our belt with good results of course and we celebrate that in Florida!! I have already been able to change some of the plans, the woman at Delta was very helpful once I explained Jeff was hospitalized at the moment.

Terry I love your suggestion of going to seafood restaurant and pretending we are in Florida. I can always count on you to help me stay positive :)

Also Jeff is feeling 800 times better this morning, which is better that any vacation!


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Our first trip to Disneyworld was planned back in 1996 - our daughter was five years old and it was Father's Day and we were to leave Monday - the day after Father's Day. Don had a heart attack! I had purchased trip insurance because of my dad, not my husband, but I was so glad I did and to this day, I purchase trip insurance.

I felt just like you - big disappointment not to get to on such a special trip, but so very thankful that we were home, he was going to be ok, and sure enough, Disneyworld was still there when we were ready to go - actually, when we did get to later that summer, and it was even more special because our daughter celebrated her 6th birthday with Mickey!

I just despise these 'bumps' in the road but at least they are bumps in the road, and not a "Road Closed".

Get hubby better, stay strong yourself - and have very large, adult beverage the minute your feet hit the sand in FL.


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I agree with Rita - just postpone it a bit. I was lucky that mom's terrible cough was just that -- a cough. When the fluid was drained from her lungs, it was all good - no cancer. Her cough was always always bad though.

I'm sorry for this bump, but this too shall pass. Keep your chin up and fight on!

Judy R -- I had a cruise to So. America planned and one month before (or might have been 6 weeks) I was diagnosed with malignant squamous cell carcinoma -- on my face! (Im so vain.) I ended up having the surgery done by a plastic surgeon and he said "Go!" All I had to do was wear a yucky band-aid type thing over the sutured area. (right above my left brow almost smack in the middle of my forehead! Grrrr.

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Glad Jeff is feeling better! Florida ( and John & I) will be here when Jeff is feeling better!
Umbrella drinks are waiting to celebrate a clean Pet/CT scan!
Love to you both!
If you want me to ship Umbrella's ( as Terry suggested) just let me know LOL!

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