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Just an Update

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I haven't been checking in with you all as often as I have in the past. Let me update you on what's been going on. In early February I caught a mild cold. I recovered from my cold rather quickly but started having a constant headache. I had this headache morning, noon, and night. I also had a feeling of lightheadedness, but no balance problems. You know where I'm going here... I figured brain mets for sure and the doctor seemed to be leaning that way too. I had a brain MRI which to my astonishment was totally normal! I kid you not the headaches went away immedietely. Then my neck started hurting, of course I figure I have it in my neck now (I do have on spinal met on the L5) so the worry starts all over again. I had a scan on my neck last week and I got an email from my doctor yesterday that there is nothing there except some arthritis. Amazingly my neck pain is half of what it was before knowing it was arthritis. Now my lower back is hurting....

The scary thing for me is while I am absolutely feeling REAL pain, I wonder if I am worrying my life away. I have always been able to tolerate pain well and in fact gave birth to my babies without medication. This disease does a number on our minds as well as our bodies doesn't it.

Anyway I have decided to leave my 2 month pity party and rejoin the group on a more regular basis. I am coming up on my 2 year anniversary, Tarceva is working on me spinal met, and everywhere else appears to clear! I am one lucky lady TODAY!

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You are a lucky lady. This thing called survivorship is a whole nother animal. I think it's akin to PTSD. I guess we have to plod along best we can. We are the lucky ones and I keep reminding myself of that every day. Yeah, like morning, noon and night. Say here, We all love you.

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Glad your back posting and doing well. I'm coming up on my 4 year anniversary (DX in May 2008 NSCLC 3B no surgery) and i also get worried when some little pain comes up. I also consider myself very lucky too have come this far....... Stay well and may we all have many more anniversaries... Dan

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Hello, I am so happy your all okay. Its amazing what we go through, and how we think every pain is cancer. I do the same thing, especially right before scan time. I am glad to hear your all clear and the tarceva is working on the spine met. I wish you continued great news!

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Sure does seem like it's been awhile! Under the circumstances, I think your 'pity party' is completely understandable. Nonetheless, glad that you are beyond it and moving on and not letting cancer have what it is not pre-disposed to have: your joy in living.

Take care, my friend,


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to you Anita. Sorry to hear you have been on this roller coaster. But glad to hear you put your foot down. I think it is safe to say that, in our circumstances, most of us do tend to think the worse when we are feeling new pains or aches. It is part of us but we just have to kick it to the curb and not let it consume our being. Today......we breathe, love, laugh and cry. You were missed but never forgotten Anita. Blessings and prayers to you for continued health. Cheryl

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Glenna M
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Glad to hear that you are leaving the pity party. Get back out there and enjoy life!!

Big hugs,

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Glad to see you back, and that you have decided to try to live life instead of worrying it away.I keep a quote on my desk.... "worrying does not take away tommorrows problems, but it does take away today's peace."

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I was trying to remember that quote, I love that and will write it down so not to forget again. Now...., if I could only make it happen!

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I think you have given me my new Mantra! Worrying is one of my weaknesses :(

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I think this beast turns us all into worriers but Paul's quote is so good I am going to try and remember it each day. I am 15 months out of surgery and a worrying fool. My next x-ray and consultations are June and, of course, I am already worried. As you say, every pain is a new cancer. I think it is our legacy to worry but we need to fight it until we have beaten it into the ground. Take care, Diane

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