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Rads and pregnant relatives

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I have yet to determine my therapy but have heard that with radiation therapy you should avoid being around pregnant women...my daughter is due in July and am a bit concerned.
What about infant children, does anyone know if this is a problem as well.

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I'm not in the medical field but believe they caution against holding infants on your lap for a certain period of time.

Typical advice is If you receive permanent brachytherapy seeds, they will give off small amounts of radiation for several weeks. Even though the radiation doesn't travel far, your doctor may advise you to stay away from pregnant women and small children during this time.


Best wishes to you on your treatment


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Having been recently diagnosed w/ pc, I've been saturating myself with information regarding the different treatment therapies. I've read repeatedly the same warnings when opting for seeds - check out some of the more reputable sites - Mayo, Johns Hopkins, Cleveland Clinic - all good information.

Stay well -

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