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Diagnosed yesterday with stage one uterine cancer, Im petrified and don't know where to start

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I have been having heavy bleeding with very large clots (sometimes the size of a apple) for about 3 years now and have been admitted and given blood transfusions twice, the last time which was the third time I had a d n c. I went to the doctor yesterday for my post op and he did an ultrasound and says I have an enlarged uterus and Im thinking that cant be to bad, he leaves out and comes back in and says he has some bad news and telle me I have uterine cancer, after that I don't remember much but crying for my liffffe and I was alone but my mother had returned and was outside the doctor himself went outside to the parkinglot to find my mother for me. I am so scared I am holding it all in cause I don't want to make my mother upset but the doctor prescribed me some xanax to help calm me down and all night I have been looking at this bottle thinking to take all of them. I am only 30 I don't have any children and my mind is racing, theres to much information on the internet i can't find where to even start between the confusion and tears I oculd really just go back to sleep, I don't mean to be heavy but Im so lost and I found this place so I really hope that someone knows what I am going through

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Just hearing the word cancer throws your whole life into a tailspin. Questions and fears take over the first few days after your diagnosed. The biggest fear is that your going to die and all the family that your leaving behind. Then there's the "why me" what did I do wrong am I being punished for something. It will take a few days to get some perspective on this battle you are about to begin. I had 6 rounds of chemo and 3 rounds of internal radiation. It was not pleasant but you can and you will get through it. I have found that this journey has brought me closer to my family and closer to my God. I am almost 2 years NED (no evidence of disease). You won't know the stage until after the surgery and that is determined by where the cancer has spread or if it was confined to just the uterus. Don't read to much on the internet as most data and statistics are not up to date. Don't be surprised if your emotions are all over the place that's to be expected. There are a great group of supporting women on this board in all stages of their cancer journey who will help with any questions you might have now and down the road. Don't be afraid to ask. Don't worry about whats going to happen next week or next month just take it one day at a time and deal with things one item at a time. Don't worry about the chemo right now focus on the surgery that will come first. Its one hurdle at a time which makes it easier to handle. Your stress level will be high mine sure was. In the end I just gave it over to God. He gave me this life and he will take it back in his time not my time and or Cancers time. I am living for today and enjoying every second. I will be praying for you.


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I was diagnosed with stage 1a grade 3 endo cancer 2and 1/2 years ago. I felt the same way when I was first dx. This is what I read on the liver post last night and I thought it was really helpful because my daughter is for the past six months battling Leukemia. Here is the post.

If you get a diagnosis of stage cancer, it is scary and something to be dealt with, but it is not an immediate death sentence and often, the statistics are all wrong, because they take into account the most extreme cases too. The average person, can and does LIVE with cancer, undergoing many inconvenient treatments and tests and doctor appointments and your whole life will seem to revolve around this new way of life. But, it is life. So don't spend one minute crying and worrying about cancer. Spend all your energy educating yourself about what is available and when you get a doctor who tells you there is nothing he can do, get another doctor. Based on what I have learned, you never give up until the very last effort has failed to stop the progress of this nasty disease. I no longer worry how long he has. That kind of thinking is pointless and wastes precious time. We live one day at a time, and enjoy and rejoice in every moment of LIFE. We all die, Dying is not the issue with cancer, learning to LIVE with a diagnosis of cancer is the hard part. Once you learn how to do this, you have won the battle.
Let mom know everything, it is not fair to hide anything from her. I send you a big hug and hope this helps a little. June

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Cancer is a scarey word, but Stage 1 is a the earliest stage. Grade 1 is the lowest/earliest grade. It's true, you won't know the stage until after your surgery, but let's hope for good news. Early stage, low grade endometrial cancer is usually cured (and yes, they do use that word)by surgery alone (i.e., no chemo or radiation).

Come here for support. We've all been in your shoes. Knowledge is power. Prepare a list of questions to ask your gynecologic oncologist - be sure to have your surgery done by a gynecologic oncologist. Take someone with you so you'll be sure to get all your questions answered and have a second set of ears (we don't hear everything sometimes).

So sorry this has happened to you at such a young age. I hope you'll have your surgery soon so you can have this behind you. And I pray for early stage, low grade pathology results.


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I agree with all that others have said. I'm glad you found us here. We are here to help support and encourage you.

Try to take one step at a time. Hugs, Mary Ann

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I'm really sorry that you have to deal with this cancer diagnosis. I remember the fear I felt when I was first told I had Endo cancer. I couldn't stop shaking for about an hour! But uterine (and Endometrial) cancer is very treatable and usually totally curable. It has a very high survival rate, as cancers go. They won't know for sure what stage it is til after your surgery. I hope that your're able to find a good Gyn/Onc who will guide you as to your next step to take. The ladies here are very supportive and have a lot of good info to share. I pray for your peace and comfort during this time.

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Sorry you are having to join this board. Take one day at a time and try not to freak too much. It is a lot to deal with but it can be dealt with. Get a good Gyn Onc Doctor, not just a Onc Dr. It is better to get one that is in both fields.
I was 55 when told after my d and c that there were cancer cells. My regular gyn Dr. set up the appointment with a Gyn Onc Dr at UT Southwestern here in Dallas Texas. Met with her and had complete hysterectomy Apr 8, 2011. It has been 1 yr since surgery.
After surgery, got all the medical reports and lab reports back and met with the GynOnc Dr. again which answered all my questions that she could not answer before surgery. Stage, Grade, tissue assay, hormone receptive or not. What chemo and/or radiation. Got a medical power port put in at the end of April. Started Carbo/Taxol on May 6 last year had six rounds every 21 days. Last one was 22 Aug. Lost all my hair but it was ok for me. Went back to work between chemo treatments. I went back bald and no one said anything except I looked good. Hair grew back after.
Attitude is everything. Just remember that the Lord is there and will help carry you through this.
There is lots of information, lots of advice, lots of love and caring women to give support on this site. Take care and I will add you to my prayer list. trish

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I am new to this also - was diagnosis on 3/9. This board and the people on it have been a wealth of information, encouragement and comfort. All I know now is I am a grade 1 and scheduled for surgery on 4/23 for robotic surgery and the doctor is removing everything including the lymph nodes. While you are much younger than me(53), I have got to say once you hear cancer you try to listen but can't no matter what age. I left the office that day, got to the car, turned to my husband and asked "What did she say the oncologist name was?" I agree with many of the others, take a deep breath, have a good cry(if you want) then read has many posts as possible for guidance. Several times already I have want to say "Don't you understand I have CANCER, so explain to me why it is taking so long to...
1) get appoint with the oncologist[it was 2 weeks wait for my 1st appointment which was cancelled at noon the day of my appointment and reschedule for a week later]
2) a 1-1/2 hr wait to get back into an exam room
3) Surgery schedule 4 weeks from that appointment
4) scheduling of pre-op work [a week & a day from the appointment and 2 phone calls later]

I am not sharing this to scare you but instead to prepare you as this has been the most difficult challenge as a newly diagnosis member is to learn to "WAIT" because it seems those who deal with us on a daily basis do not place the Urgency to these details as we do being the patient.

Good Luck and I will being of think of you.

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The waiting is the hardest part. I was diagnosed July 09 at 1a. Did the surgery, 5 rounds of radiation, six of taxol and carboplatin. For me not a big deal, just the usual aches and pains that will go away. I had to remember a Bible verse that was one of my favorites "Be still and know I AM GOD" Repeat over and over while waiting. Stress is not good, so let God carry you, Don't forget to breath, and learn to take one baby step at a time. It is what it is and we all will be here for you! Best Debrajo

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Thank you all so very much for your encouraging words of wisdom and hope, I have been kinda walking around in a sort of haze as if I have been on autopilot because I still have things I have to get done, my gynocologist did an d n c surgery already is that the surgery yall are referring to? He is best friends with one of the best cancer specialist in florida right here in my own city and he was able to just a day and a half later to get me an appointment free of charge, he is truely an amazing person, he says that we will see what the cancer doctor says because we want to try and see if radiation can take care of it without me having to have a total hysterectomy at 30 but Im t othe point that i just am going to leave it in God's hands and know that He has a purpose and reason for every trial and situation in our lives and that He has'nt left me. I truely am thankful and grateful that I have been able to join this board and that you all have reached out to me I thank you from the bottom of my heart

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Artavia, I do think all of the posts have given you good information. I had similar bleeding as yours. Diagnosed 1c. It took forever to get appointment with gyn-oncologist, a month then another month till surgery, 6 weeks after surgery for radiation. I was older 58 almost 59, so I had a complete hysterectomy and then 28 radiation. Nothing showed in my lymph nodes. My doctor told me if I had to have cancer this was the kind to get, 95% chance of never having it again.
Now the bad news, I did get it again. It came in my lungs this year. NO ONE was checking my lungs since the hysterectomy or even before it. When you go for a ct scan before surgery and after surgery, ask your gyn-oncologist to also check your lungs. Your primay doctor should also do yearly xrays which mine did not do. Just telling you this so you take that preventive measure and catch any spread early!! Hopefully, no spread and you will completely recover. Remember IPeter 2:24 "by His stripes I have been healed" Jesus is the same for eternity and that is love, He never refused to heal someone who asked in faith in the Bible, He will not refuse us now if we ask in faith. Don't let cancer become larger than God -it is not. Enjoy each day with out fear!!!

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Not the place any of us want to be welcome to but you truly are welcomed here. The ladies here have given you good advice. Read through the discussion threads and be glean information from the experiences of others. Myself, I like to know what others have experienced...not so I think everything will happen to me but when you get to a similar experience you are not totally taken by surprise.

Hearing I had cancer was probably one of the most moments of my life as I am sure it was for you and everyone else here. I think I pretty much cried for 2 weeks straight.

It is the waiting for your appointments, next steps, treatment plan that is agonizing. However, once you have an idea of exactly what you have and how it will be treated, things become a little easier because you have some direction.

I liken this journey. As you travel down the road, you reach forks or intersections and the road you take depends on where you are at with this.

I just finished 3 rounds of taxol/carbo and just had an appointment with the radiation oncologist regarding radiation. Waiting to start the radiation is annoying but it is how it must be done. I will have my simulation in 2 weeks and the following week have 5 weeks external then another staging for 3 internal treatments before 3 more rounds of chemo.

It seems we have to wait so long and everything takes so long to complete.

It may take a while, but you will eventually come to terms and find some peace with this nasty disease. And, along the way, reach out to the wonderful women here if you want to laugh, cry, vent or just say high.

Take care,


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Do you live in SW Florida?

Mary Ann

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I have been diagnozed with Uterine cancer two years ago. Had my surgery 4/26/10, went through radiation treatments and on the 16th of this month hoping to get the good news that everything is OK.
I know that you are very scared and confused, but you need to collect you thoughts (not on Xanax) and find yourself the best doctor available in your area. I went on Google and tiped "Best Doctors of NY" and ended up with the best MD in Memorial Sloan Kettering CC. I wish all the luck in the World and the speedy recovery. Please stay strong and positive.

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Hi My Dear. I know what your going through. As you journey through this ask as many question as you need. Look at all your options. If you want to have children later they can freeze your eggs or many alternatives are at hand. It is very difficult. This time last year I was told that I had Uterrine Cancer April 16, will be 1 year. I am 38 and I have no Children, but you can make it. My advice to you before you go through each procedure make sure you know what to expect and all the side effects. I had 25 external Radiation treatments and one 3 day internal Brachytherapy. Each persons experience is different. Do seek counceling and support groups like this. My prayers go out to you and your family.

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