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Cancer treatment centers of America

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Hello All,

Has anyone tried the cancer treatment centers of America? If so can you give me a little feedback? My mom has stage 4 poorly differentiated papillary serous carcinoma of the ovary. She hasn't started any treatments yet because her body was too weak after her surgery and she wasn't eating. Now she's eating about 50% of meals and is learning to walk all over again.

Thanks again

I apologize for so many questions, but I know that I can learn from others who have already walked in my shoes. As long as my mom wants to fight, I have her back with whatever resources that God will bless me with.

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I'm a HUGE fan of integrative treatment and credit it with getting me where I am today, more than 2 years NED, with no lingering side effects from treatment. I've heard some bad reviews about CTCA. Primarily that you need to receive all of your treatment there, if you go with them, and cannot chose which parts of your treatment are handled by them. I'd suggest you look into some alternatives: Oasis of Hope, either in Mexico or Irvine, CA; The Get Well Center, in Mansfield, OH; and The Block Center, in IL. Good luck.

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BEWARE as too much hope and compasion and NO reality, care or quality is very deceiving.
CTCA PHIL PA added in my husbands early death due to NEGLECT< NO POST OP FOLLOW UP and TOO many Drs and Internists to know which way to turn. The In patient hospital care is pathetic.
Hope and comappsion applies as CTCA does will kill your loved one.
get a REAL cancer treatment facility to evaluate your mother. Hershy Cancer Center in Hershey PA is awesome. BEST of luck and prayers for your mother

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What area do you live in? We have give you some great suggestions, but need to know if you live near Houston (MD Anderson), NYC (Sloan-Kettering), Boston (Dana Farber), etc.


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Have a friend whose wife is an executive in their Arizona location. From the side of employees, they are taken care of quite well. Receive valet parking, lunches brought in for the staff, great bonuses, high pay, etc. From the side of a patient, the hospital is very quick to check your health history and insurance coverage before ever considering taking you. If you don't have enough insurance coverage or the proper company, they WILL REFUSE YOU IMMEDIATELY. My gut feeling, they are very money driven, with less of a humanistic touch.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the info. My mom does have a really great gyn/onc. The info that I have received from the posts are truly healthful.

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