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I hate cancer!!!!

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Joined: Apr 2011

Some days, I just get so mad that this cancer happened to me... and my husband's cancer has come back... I get so ticked off! I don't like not being in control... and let's face it, cancer doesn't discriminate, so we just never know. I hate not being able to do what I used to.. and to walk like a penguin, and everything else that has changed; especially, my inability to do my job (federal investigator), which I enjoyed so much. Now, I can't predict when I will have the bowel movements, or gas, which I rarely had before all this, and the inability to stand for more than a few minutes without holding onto something, and the stiffness after sitting after only 5 minutes, etc, etc, etc! Can you imagine being in an interview with some high ranking someone or other, then having to excuse yourself for about a 20 minute diarhea excursion??? Sorry, if i offend anyone... It is just one of those days for me. I hate cancer, and everything that it does to its victims and their families! Continued good health and an easy journey to all. God bless.

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I think we can all agree that our cancer has made us angry at times. Life certainly isn't the same anymore and our challenges are of the type that most people just can not understand.

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I agree. It's one thing to explain symptoms to loved ones, but it's kinda hard to do the same for folks you work with :)

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I hate it too. Don't we all? Yet we can get through it, My diarrhea made going ou to the mail box a real adventure. But I survived, Will soon turn 80 and look forward to many years of normal life. You will too. Someday you will laugh at some of your experiences, so the thing to do is laugh at them now. I wish you the best outcome with full recovery. Take care.

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