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I'm special it is "adenocarcinoma of the gastric cardia".

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Hi all and thanks for all the support you have offered me in the early stages of this diagnosis. The results from my biopsy came back with "adenocarcinoma of the gastric cardia", which is a cancer that has formed in the glands that are located at the junction of the esophagus and the stomach. It has invaded the esophagus. Apparently it is very rare and aggressive. See the cardiac/thoracic surgeon/oncologist tomorrow and will go from there. I have already made the decision that the last resort option is the surgery, and depending on the stage, will go with every other alternative first. After reading of your experiences I am still reluctant to undergo the surgery. I am 58, and have had a pretty good life, and I don't think I would be able to cope, both physically and mentally with some of the experiences I have read on here that have occurred post operative. Also I have cardiac issues so I do carry a high risk status with the surgery.

Have the questions ready for tomorrow and really want to ensure that my surgeon knows how I feel. His wife died of breast cancer and he established a foundation over here for respite holiday homes for cancer patients, so he is personally familiar with the trauma involved with Cancer, so I believe I will be in good hands. He also has experience in cardiac surgery, so I think I have hit the right doc. And more importantly he works out of my local area.

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We will be waiting to hear the doctors recommendations. Only you can decide what to do as only you know your limitations and degree of tolerance. Whatever you decide, we here, will support you. Prayers and thanksgiving, Sam Stage IV

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Hun good luck to you. I hope you get good news. Nice to have a compassionate doc. You chose well.

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I know it is a shock to receive this diagnosis. My tumor was at the Gastroesophageal Junction partially in the esophagus and partially in the gastric cardia. This used to be a relatively rare form of cancer but unfortunately it is becoming much more common.

I had an esophagectomy with gastric pull up to remove the tumor. I also had six rounds of chemotherapy. My surgery was over two years ago and I have learned to live with my new digestive system and lead a very full and normal life at this point.

Yes the surgery and chemotherapy were a challenge but survivable.

Whatever your decision, we are here to offer support. I hope your oncologist has a treatment plan for you that you can accept. When you talk to your oncologist he should be able to provide specific staging information that will help us make suggestions.

Best Regards,

Paul Adams
McCormick, South Carolina

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I too have adencarcinoma of GE junction stage 3 initially but inoperable due to nodes in pelvic region and perihilar(lungs) so somewhat stage 4 depending on classification you want to use bottom line cant operate but that is all OK with with me .Am one year out from initial diagnosis would like to hear what your concerns are and hope you know you are surely not alone in your plight.I am 57 and graduated from a class of 30 girls and 60 boys private school in the south another girl in my class was diagnosed same time laat year with same thing stage 3/4 GE junction adeno go figure she too is not a surgical candidate and has no immedaite caretaker she prefers to go it alone . Do keep in touch i talk to bill and loretta since they are in town. Be happy to chat Good luck Meg Mac

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Saw the surgeon today, lovely bloke and down to earth. I also was able to get into a PET scan today also, so that is over with also. The surgeon is doing another endoscopic examination on 16 April, I have a stress echo to see if my heart will cope on 17 April so armed with all the results from these will go from there then. He stated that if it has spread, it will be chemotherapy straight away and then the operation but if it hasn't spread then it will be surgery, then chemo. This all depends on the PET Scan for the staging.

With regard to the operation, he said that the worst I should expect is grazing, but most of his patients are able to eventually eat normally. He takes about 10cm of esophagus and he showed me the line he intends to take from my stomach, so I should still be able to keep some of that. Anyway, seems to be dependent on the PET scan at the moment, will get the results next week, Isn't Easter Holidays wonderful.

Very exhausted tonight and am in a bit of pain, but should feel better soon, just taken my pain pills. He also gave me a prescription for morphine sachets to take if I need them. At the moment I am coping with Endone, so will only use the other if I need to.

Thanks for all your support and encouragement, it does help to talk to others in the same boat or even better, 'been there done that'.

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I'm so sorry about my 1st posting, it seems I have posted in the wrong spot maybe. Was trying to reply to a specific post from a member but instead I made a new comment?
I'm trying to delete it and will read the helps to find out how to post.
Thank you for your patience.

My thoughts and prayers are with you dear lady and I will be following your progress.
The people here seem so very nice and helpful. What a gift this board is!

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Thank you so much everyone. The echocardiograph has been brought forward, I am having that next Tuesday, (it is good Friday here now) and I see the cardiologist in the afternoon. So will have a pretty good indication of what my body will be able to cope with then. I have had cardiomyopathy for 13 years, but at the moment my heart function is pretty good. I have a biventricular pacer with an ICD, which has done its job brilliantly, but may have to be turned of for the procedure, so that is also a factor that has to come into the equation when looking at surgery.

I have decided that if surgery is offered, I will take it and any other form of therapy that is offered. I have a lot of confidence in my medical team, from word of mouth and from professional sources. So feel safe in their hands.

Things are progressing as quickly as is possible considering that it is Easter and I only had the endoscope last Friday which discovered the cancer. I anticipate that I may be starting therapy or having the operation the week of 16th April onward.

Am calm and facing this with confidence. One day at a time, and so far I am coping well.

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My husband had exactly the same cancer as you. Please research carefully and make good choices. my husband had stressed to him that a Stomach Peg tube was absolutely necessary and when performed the surgeon nicked his colon and he spent 8 weeks in hospital fighting infections with NO chemo treatments due to antibodics. He died 4 weeks later at home.
I would advise AGAINST the Cancer treatment Centers of America as our experience in Phila Pa was a living nightmare of neglect and poor follow up and NO real direct answers.. One can support with hope and compassion , BUT direct answers make for better choices and life qualityalong with REAL qualified medical care
I shall add you to my prayer list and I wish all the best

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