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Ca 125 levels

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I am 49 yrs old from India.Was diagnosed with stage 3C in July of 2011.I was devastated as was not expecting this.I have taken 3 chemo followed by debulking surgery and then 3 chemo.I responded to my chemo really well.My CA125 came down with each chemo.it was 308 initially..now after my followup after treament I had a CT scan which shows a few subcentimeter nodes on my pleura.And my CA125 is 33.6 as done a week before.A month before it was only 8.I have yet to see my oncologist and I am so sad.I will have to go back through all the process once again.Anyone can help me and tell me what will they do this time?Has anyone gone through similar circumstances?

I am really depressed now.

You have an awesome bunch of people here.

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that you are going through this battle too. As a stage 2b survivor, my journey has been somewhat different than yours but there are 3C survivors on this board who can probably relate to your experiences and respond back to you with information. I totally sympathize with your feelings of sadness over having to go through this process again but you can do it! I'm hoping and praying for an excellent outcome for you this time around. I want to mention that I have a friend who is a nine-year stage 3C ovarian cancer survivor who has not let cancer get in the way of her living life to the fullest. She and her husband enjoy traveling to other countries regularly each year and she enjoys her time with family and friends.

Take care and please keep us posted.

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I really hope all goes well.

I hope I take some inspiration from your friend.

Thanks for your kind words.

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I had a recurrence in January after having NED for 7 months. I am now halfway through my second series of chemo treatments - gemzar/carbo this time. They seem to be working, as my CA-125 has gone from 85 to 10.

I know it's very hard not to get depressed. Somehow you'll find the extra energy, strength, and faith needed to keep on fighting to survive, just like Kelly's friend. (That story has inspired me!).

Please let us know what course of action your oncologist has planned for you. We're here for you, and we care.


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I know that the news of a reoccurance is almost worse than the initial diagnosis. I just had a 9 month remission and now I am back on chemo. I am still having a hard time dealing with it even though my doctor is optimistic. I am taking Loxidox (doxil). They tell me it is actually made in India. Other places have temporarily quit making it so it has been hard to come by. My doc says I can take it for years and it has few side effects. It does not make you sick or lose your hair. They have a patient that had been on other chemos for years and then started this one 4 1/2 years ago and she is still working and traveling.I dont know what stage she was at diagnosis. There are several good drugs out there and I am sure the doc will pick out what is best for you. Good luck and keep in touch!

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I am now on Caelyx.I had a pleural effusion and a very bad cough.Tapping had to be done two times.I had just 3 months gap between my chemotherapy.
Hoping this will work.I had my 1st dose of Caelyx on 18th April.My doctors say it is a 1 month cycle,and that I will have to have 4 such cycles.
I am touched by all your responses.Guess it will keep me going :)
I love you all.

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