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Port incision problems

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I had my first port put in and had issues with bleeding from the incision site. Had to have that port removed and replaced with a new one in which the surgeon had no idea where the bleeding was coming from. The new port immediately felt better than the firstt one. But now 17 days post surgery and one round of chemo over my port incision site is still "weeping" this tissue fluid. I've seen the surgeon, and the oncologist who tell me its not infected and that its normal for this to happen even up to 2 weeks post op. It has become more annoying than any of the treaments & I'm thinking a pic line wouldn't have been this much trouble. Anyone else have port issues??? I'm on radiation # 12 of 25 and I have one more round of chemo on the 16th. I still feel like I'm stuck in a nightmare and can't wake up.

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I didn't have this issue with my port, so I'm afraid I can be of no help. It could possibly be, as your doctors have said, normal for some people to have weeping in the incision. As long as there is no infection and the port is working properly, then it's probably just annoying and not anything to be concerned. However, if the area should become red and/or swollen, bring it to the immediate attention of your doctor.

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Hi, I also have not had port problems and have had it for over a year. Hopefully the weeping will stop soon, but as mentioned watch for increased reddness and call if getting worse. As for the pick line, my husband had one off and on for almost 3yrs. but several problems. They tend to get plugged up easier and need to be flushed at least every other day. They are not meant to stay in as long as a port so may need to be removed and a new one put in over time. Usually port problems are minor and much easier to mannage. I hope by the time you read this things are already going better for you. Keep us posted.

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I went through my first rounds of chemo and all my rads with the skin around my port still not completely scabbed over... It turned to infection and became contaminated... the port was removed immediately. My cancer spread, and I needed more chemo... a second port was put in, on the ther side. I lost so much weight that the needle stung as it went in. I was sent to the hospital to have a "leak" check done... everything was normal. If your doc has checked the port cath for leaks and there are none, then, I believe that it is just something you would have to deal with. Mine continued to sting... It was because there was little "meat" left below the skin surface over the port. I don't know of anything else... oh, when I got the injections, especially the saline into the port, I always either chewed gum or sucked on a peppermint candy, because I could taste the saline and after a while it was horrid. Also, mentally, it took the sting away. Hope this helps in some way. I wish you well on your journey. God bless.

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