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Time to share good news

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I just learned that my CT scan 10 days ago to find cause of abdominal pain found nothing - no evidence of tumor regrowth, no evidence of a new hernia, nothing amiss. Basically, everything looks great, normal and healthy.

Abdominal pain is likely due to ongoing adhesions and the fact that the mesh holding my belly together doesn't stretch with my muscles when I'm exercising. So the pain is something I have to live with. Hey, nothing ugly going on, I can live with occasional pain.

My dr thinks I'm done with this beast. I'm now on an 18 month scan schedule. He's moving me to MRIs because he feels I'm at low risk for recurrence, and he'd rather avoid the extra radiation. If I have a questionable MRI, then I'll have a CT scan.

I love my dr and I love my life!

Wishing us all good news like this.


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Hi: Wow, Alice, that is great news! just curious - does your oncologist feel that CT scans pick up the tumours on the peritoneum better than MRIs? I've found that too but I keep on getting MRIs because that was my base.

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He feels that CTs are a bit better, but he is switching me to MRIs for the future, as he considers me to be of "low risk of recurrence." He wants to avoid excess radiation. So far, I have never had an MRI for this cancer.

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It's good news and I'm really happy for you. :)

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Tina Brown
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This is very encouraging news, well done xxxx

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