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Has anyone tried steroid injections?

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Hello to all,
I've been doing some research and wonder if anyone can shed some light on the idea of throat dilitation as well as steroid infections into the scar tissue to reduce inflammation, in hopes of less dilitations in the future.
My dad was dx 8-8-11 with tonsil and lymph stage 4a hpv. Finished chemo and rad end of October 2011. Had peg put in 9-11. Thankfully clean scans and scopes. We did speech therapy and tried to dilitation but the gi dr could not get the instrument past the epiglottic region and just referred us for another swallow study. We are going for an esphogium study (I think that's what it is called) its like the swallow study only of the esphogus. This study is with the ENT this time not the gi dr. The ENT (after study is performed will try to dilate this time).
My dad just wants to eat. (only liquids are going down..barley).
How do I help him to eat again?
As always, thank you for listening.

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