Nerve damage Side affects from Radiation Therapy of the Face

jont Member Posts: 2
One year ago I had radiation therapy as a preventative precationary treatment: after excision of a maglignat melanoma tumor from beneath the skin on the right side of my face. The cancer I had is know as "desmoplastic neurotropic melanoma". The radiation thereapy went well and I wore a mask over the untreated area during my treatement and eye protection. I recovered rapidy from my treatment.

Now a year later, out of nowhere, I have had what appears to be side effects in the area about the size of a tennis ball (size of the radiation treated area). I have a constant severe sunburn feeling, tingling skin, tender skin, pressure sensation behind the affected eye, right side on nose only feels the same as what I just mentioned, pressure sensation in the right temple as well.

I am scheuled for another MRI and the previous MRI a month ago showed no cancer cells. I am wondering if I might have nerve damage from the radiation treatment? Has anyone had similar symptons from facial radiation regimen? Diagnosis?