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Nerve damage Side affects from Radiation Therapy of the Face

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One year ago I had radiation therapy as a preventative precationary treatment: after excision of a maglignat melanoma tumor from beneath the skin on the right side of my face. The cancer I had is know as "desmoplastic neurotropic melanoma". The radiation thereapy went well and I wore a mask over the untreated area during my treatement and eye protection. I recovered rapidy from my treatment.

Now a year later, out of nowhere, I have had what appears to be side effects in the area about the size of a tennis ball (size of the radiation treated area). I have a constant severe sunburn feeling, tingling skin, tender skin, pressure sensation behind the affected eye, right side on nose only feels the same as what I just mentioned, pressure sensation in the right temple as well.

I am scheuled for another MRI and the previous MRI a month ago showed no cancer cells. I am wondering if I might have nerve damage from the radiation treatment? Has anyone had similar symptons from facial radiation regimen? Diagnosis?

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I have the same exact symptoms that started suddenly right after Thanksgiving & I also had a MRI that showing no cancer & shingles were also ruled out by my eye DR.

The pain is constant, then sharp pain like needles in my eye & sometimes in my ear.  I had radiation to the left side of my head January of 2010 so this took 3 years to surface.

Has anyone else dealt with this and what did the Dr's say?

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 I have been dealing with cancer now for 11 years that started with a tumor that ruptured under the rib cage in 2001, therefore a complete hysterectomy was done & Taxol to follow. The Dr's called it Granulosa Cancer. In 2003 the cancer came back and more surgery and more Taxol was given for another six months. I was free for 5 years but the cancer came back with a vengeance, it was everywhere! The cancer bounces from one organ to the next but stayed in the liver. In Jan. of 2010 I had a tumor sitting under my brain on the left side so radiation was given every day for one month and the tumor was gone. I never expected the radiation to do any nerve damage especially after 3 years go by. I'm still doing different treatments and right now on Cytoxin for the liver cancer. Only my faith in GOD keeps me going and seeing others who are dealing with worst symptoms and dying from their illness or really bad side effects. I consider myself very lucky ~ you know the old saying  I felt bad because I had no shoes until I met a man with no feet.

By the way ~ I past the 5 year survival rate of liver cancer  -    5 YEARS !??  WHO SAID?!


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In Jan 2012 I had surgery on lower lip to remove a desmoplastic melanoma, followed by radiotherap.  MRI results every 6mths have been clear (no spread) but in recent months I have developed a numb sensation akin to a "dental needle" on my left chin and lower face, with occasional sharp pain. and a shaving rash sensation. I have just opted for another MRI but at a higher (3T) level.  I will report back; and appreciate any comments thus far. Rob Mc  


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Hello, All --

I am late to this strand. I hope those of you who've written are doing well. Soon I begin radiation for 6 weeks. Four excisions, two skin grafts and there's still desmo way down in the cheek, too close to entering mouth for more surgery. I know that nerve damage is a possible side effect. No other choice right now than doing nothing, which doesn't feel like an option. Thank you for your faith and good spirits. I send you the very best. Kate

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