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Metastatic Melanoma

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Joined: Apr 2012

Lungs, liver & spin, right lymph nodes

Posts: 9
Joined: Apr 2012

My husband had malignant malanoma in 2006, had surgery to remove moles etc & had 1 year of interferon. Cancer free until 9- 2011 where we found lump in his right lymph node under his arm. Took it out and he tried Zelboraf for 3 weeks since he had Braf Gene. Could not tolerate meds, took PET scan in November all clear. Found another lump in 3-2012, biopsidied melanoma again in the right under arm. Was scheduled to have all lymp nodes taken out, but PET scan showed wide spread to lungs, spine & liver. Going to start taking Yervoy. Has anyone taken that or have any other suggestions?

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I added brushing my teeth with baking soda and drinking it with water about a teaspoon full a day for mouth sores and had Milk of Magnesia every so often because of stomach problems while I was on Chemo. I was on Chemo for 7 Months and I have been cancer free for the last 6 month now... My cancer from Melanoma spread from my back to my right lymph node under my arm to my liver and lung.... I did not do the Yervoy, I had Zofram, Decadron, and Dacarbazine, but my Dr. said I will go on Yervoy if the cancer comes back... I found this information this week about keeping my PH level on the normal to high side. I went this week to the Vitamin Shopp and purchased some pH strips to try and keep my pH normal to high range and I went for another scan yesterday... everything is worth a try... Praying for you.... may the LORD BLESS you all.

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