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Dreams & Cancer

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Last night I to felt some pain in my hip that kept me up for the better part of the night. Even though I spent much of the day walking and working on the yard, I immediately attributed the pain to a re-occurrence. When I did manage to fall asleep, I had a dream that in the light of day doesn't sound too menacing but left me in a cold sweat (that wasn't a hot flash).

It was simple enough. The feeling of being chased in the dark but when finally reaching the safety of the house, I heard something by the back sliding door so upon investigating the sound I saw a large dark faceless shape standing there trying to open the locked door.

I don't need someone to dissect the dream for me. It was obviously cancer trying to get in. Does anyone else have these type of dreams. I think it was a first for me.


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The thought of being stalked by cancer is sure understandable.

Question: Was anything like this in your mind in the preceding day? I heard recently that dreams are usually about something related to the events of the day before.

I'd be interested to learn if that fits for you.

I have some bad sleeping habits but need to get back into positive thoughts before going to bed.

Happy dreams forever, Mary Ann

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I've always had vivid dreams, most with recurring themes when I feel like my life is out of control (cockroaches, airplanes, airports, elevators, stolen cars). But nothing compares to the wacked-out dreams I've had since diagnosis, and particularly during chemo. They defy description.

Liz, who's between radiation and chemo and still having bizarre dreams

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Shell bug
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I just had a cancer dream too!

I am former military, so I was in full military gear and so incredibly clumsy. I was not able to complete my tasks and was letting my teammates down. Suddenly, something grabbed my hip and I couldn't get away. I looked down and there was a metal hand with a strong grip. I looked behind me and it was a human form with no face at all, only long hair, asexual.

I awoke while I was preparing to take action against this creature. I am only worried because it already had me in its grasp. I have to admit that I did not feel fear or panic, I was just trying to figure out how to win.

No question this faceless foe was cancer. I am so thankful I haven't had the dream again. If I do, I will win!

I hope you have only sweet dreams in the future!

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