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New to the site

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Hi! This site was recommended by a friend. I hope to learn from others and share my own experiences in hope of helping others.

I was diagnosed with Stage IV NSCLC with a small brain metastasis in February 2012. I have completed 2 sessions of chemotherapy (Carboplatin, Pemetrexed, Avastin and also Zometa) with the third scheduled this week. I also underwent stereotactic radiation for the brain lesion. I sure didn't expect this at age 60, but then, who does? I remind myself that young children who haven't even had a chance to live out their lives are affected by and die from cancer - so no room for self-pity here.

I'm a former smoker who quit 35 years ago after 10 years of moderate smoking. I may never know the cause of my cancer but I have oredered a radon testing kit via Lung Cancer Connection to rule out (or in) radon as the cause. I was also exposed to disturbed asbestos because the idiot who sold me my house covered the basement pipes with duct tape in order to diguise it. Two years after moving in the tape began separating from the ducts along with the asbestos. Some of it fell on the floor and remained there a couple of months because I couldn't afford the repairs. I know mesothelioma is normally associated with long-term occupational exposure but also read it only takes on fiber to cause cancer. I also heard that it may require specialized pathology testing to determine if that is the source. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has knowledge of this.

One of my primary concerns at this point is the lack of appetite after chemo. I'm already thin and lost 5 pounds after the first treatment (which I regained) but then lost 10 after the second round. I've regained 6 pounds. I'm trying all of the suggestions I've received from the nutritionist and others but I'm always open to more suggestions. The Emend and Zofran help the nausea but not the appetite. I find Ensure and other supplements quite gross but have managed to force a couple down. Instant Breakfast I can handle.

I'm looking forward to meeting others here and sharing experiences!

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Hi there, My name is Sara. I am 31 years old, recently dx with adenocarcinoma. Pet scan showed no lymph node involvement and the oncologist told me it was stage 1 and that I was lucky. I had a Left Lower Lobectomy on the 19th and found out the day after surgery that there were 4 nodes around my tumor that were positive which moved my stage up to 3a. Im supposed to start chemo in 5 weeks after I heal from the surgery. Im scared but trying to stay strong and positive. I do have and intermittent smoking history and both of my parents are heavy smokers. The surgeon thinks it is a genetic mutation but wont know for a couple more weeks.

Im also looking forward to finding friends that are going through the same battle.

Look forward to hearing from you


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^sarajoy: I'm waiting to go into the PET scan and Biopsy process on Tuesday April 3, the radiologist and all the docs are convinced it's cancer and are treating it as such. It's a 3 cm mass on my left lower lobe. I'm 49....I too was a smoker but quit 20 years ago, Always thought I was cool cause I could just pick it up and put it down without so much as a withdrawal. I'm scared to death that this is a death sentance and I wont see my kids grow up. it's good to hear there is a place where I can go and be scared. How do you stay positive? how do you stand the waiting?

Look forward to talking to you and holding your hand,


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Hello There!...it is unfortunate you are on this site, but glad that you are , given the Dx !

There are many questions of why.....but that will change the situation now.

I was 48 yr old when dx 2 years ago, I have stage VI adenocarcinom nsclc, with brain mets, stable with the last scans a few days ago. Been through alot, but the quiet time spent with friends and family the last two yrs are nonforgetable. I was able to be with my Dad as he passed on, and now seeing my aging mom almost daily, I would not do this had I not have cancer!

Keep moving forward with the Docs. Abestos I am not knowledgable of, my cancer was more than likely smoking they (and I) say.

Best wishes...

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