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Recurrence and Abdominal Pain

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Its 99% certain my mom has recurrence, but we are waiting for biopsy results which were taken from behind her belly area. Every time my mom finishes a meal she has pain in her intestinal area that radiates to her back. So far 3-4, 500 mg tylenols are managing the pain.

She will be starting chemo in the next few weeks too.

Is this common with recurrence or is the pain from post-op "re adjustments?"

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So sorry to hear about the likely recurrence. EC just isn't fair!

My husband had THE and two or three months after he had abdominal pain that landed him in the hospital for two weeks. They never really figured out the cause. They did a number of tests and determined that he had motility issues, which are very common after surgery. His stomach just wasn't emptying as quickly as it should be. He started on Reglan to help (though many people prefer something other than Reglan) and his pain improved. Whether that was what was causing the pain or whether the improvement was coincidental, we really don't know. He did have a few more episodes after that but we were usually able to keep him out of the hospital with the use of diloudid.

You and your mother are in my thoughts and prayers as you await the results.


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Jeff had the Ivor Lewis surgery and he had pain in his lower back quite often for the first 2-3 months. It usually would strike after eating and he would have to sit in his recliner and just relax until the pain passed. He is now going through bouts of pain in his leg and lower back. He has had a series of tests done (no blood clot, not tumors in back), so they think it is affects from radiation. He does now have arthtritis, and they think radiation was the culprit.

I am so sorry that they believe your mom is having a recurrence. You are all in m thoughts.


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