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Pain with early stage bladder cancer

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I was diagnosed a year ago at age 41 with early stage bladder cancer. Its was actually by accident I went to emergency with severe pain on my right side and pain in the groin like someone had kicked me in the crotch, while they were trying to figure it out i passed large amounts of blood and clots. they found a tumor and removed with a TURBT doctor said it was nothing no worries see you in six months. went in for my routine cysto 2 tumors, turbt to remove and went in three mos later there were 4 one large and 3 small. the entire time Have cont with this pain difficulty peeing etc. my doctor says it physcological and not to worry that bladder cancer early stage is not painful. he will not do any therapy as he feels he will eventually get them all through TURBT's.

has anyone experienced pain with very early bladder cancer?
Anyone run in to issues with the uroligist not wanting to do anny treatments as the cancer is too early stage?

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I'm not an MD but it seems that your should ask your Doc about the BCG treatment
as that approach seem to be the protocol after recurring tumors found during TURBT.
A second opinion would be wise.


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My dad diagnosed with early superficial cancer since 3 years & he is on regular cystoscopy. since 3 years till now he always have pain during urination and we asked a lot of doctors about this pain with early stage cancer. All of them said No worries about this pain as it is physiologic & something they called "functional dysuria"!

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