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Menopausal spotting/D&C HPV

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Hi all,Iv'e had menopausal spotting.Dr having me get D&C in 2 wks. Iam scared,I have had HPV&conazation,took care of it.I,have small Parotid(Neck gland)masses. Wonder;if these two things are a cancer worry?Iam worried. ENT;said neck masses were not big enough to worry about.I,wanted another MRI;he says no.

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I would get a second opinion. Have you had and echo or sonogram vaginly? If it were to be cancer, a D&C might not catch it. I'd get an appointment with a oncologist/gynacologist before you go through D&C. Just my opinion. Best, Debrajo

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I had a D&C after the vaginal ultrasound which showed thinning of uterine wall. D&C showed very small fibroid tumors and pathology came back with cancer. I'd not boo-hoo the D&C.

Cancer is very scary and no matter what, we tend to jump to conclusions. You might be just fine in the end. What I will suggest to you, if your gut tells you something just isn't right, force the issue and push the doc to do whatever testing you feel is necessary. As Debrajo suggested, get a second opinion.

Remember we know our bodies best!!!

Best to you,

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As stated, if you are uncomfortable seek a second opinon. However, I have found the cancer diagnosis and treatment is a journey that has to be taken one step at a time.

You need to have faith that your healthcare professional is doing what is best. Do you have a good relationship with your doctor and trust him/her? Did your doctor explain why the next step is a D&C?

Unfortunately, the road we are travelling is is filled with intersections and at each one a decision must be made what path we will follow.

Wishing you peace and comfort.


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I, too, would go for a second opinion with a gynocological oncologist if you're not already seeing one.
The post menopausal bleeding/spotting needs to be checked out carefully. I have heard that there are benign issues that could cause this, or it could be due to cancer or precancer.
When was your last pap smear, and what were the results?

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I'd want a 2nd opinion with a Gyn/onc if I were you. I had postmenopausal spotting that my regular Gyn thought was due to a fibroid or polyp so that was the way he treated it. He did a D & C and a Hysteroscopy and did not take proper precautions and flushed cancer cells out into my pelvic region during the procedure. He was shocked when the endo cancer dx came back after the D & C. So then I had to have a hysterectomy and after that I was told that the cancer was contained in the uterus but the pelvic wash came back positive for cancer cells. I'm now in the middle of Chemo due to this doctors error. So PLEASE question everything they want you to do. I just took his word for it and I will never do that again.

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Thankyou all,for replies. I,did had paptest last yr.Spotting in Nov;Dr did a Tranvaginal test,ovaries fine.Can,see in cervix it is closed.Did HPV Pap,it was ok. He;said If I spotted again,D&C needed.So;since I spotted one drop of blood,saw him&he said,D&C needed.Iam,worried. Last yr I though;maybe it was herroid,so I put a tampon,partially in,it had red on it. Just,to add a comment;my bro. was suppose to visit at Xmas,last yr&He did visit,2 wks ago.This,could be stress related(even good stress) Have a nice Weekend,all HUGS Pat Nickel

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I went for my "Well Woman" check up last year and mentioned some very slight post menopausal bleeding. I was immediately sent to a Gynecologist who did a vaginal ultrasound which detected a thickening of the uterine wall, followed by an endometrial biopsy which detected atypical cells, followed by a D&C in the O.R. (prior to hysterectomy surgery) this was then biopsied while I was still under anesthesia and cancer was detected. I had a radical abdominal hysterectomy and was assured that this was all I would need to rid me of the cancer, and in fact this was repeated to me even after my gynecologist read the pathology report BUT (and this is the point of me sharing my experience with you) he was not an Oncologist and did not fully understand what the report indicated. If cancer is suspected, PLEASE see a Gynecologist/Oncologist and have them do the surgery - I wish I had. Hopefully, you do not have cancer but get a specialist just to be on the safe side. Good Luck.


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Hi Pam;thanks for responding.I,guess my GYN,could refer me.So;are you cancer free,right now? Iam,worried&can't stand the waiting for D&C. I,also have 3 very tiny Parotid masses in neck glands.Thought,it was TMJ(Jaw) so,Oral surgeon sent me for MRI,it showed masses.ENT,not really worried.Cause,the last Catscan was normal.Though;catscan & MRI,show 2 completly differnt views. Take care

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Last pap(HPV)Newest kind was last Nov.It was normal.However cervix closed. Ultra sound was done,1st,also normal.He,said If anymore spotting happened,I need D&C,which is soon.

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