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Early cancer detection

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Cancers and tumors can originate from any cell in the body. The only life-saving treatment is early detection. The common screening methods can detect early some of the most common cancers, but they miss two things: 1. Common cancers that develop in earlier age than the screening is recommended, and this is not rare today, we see people getting cancers in younger ages than in the past. 2. They miss other cancers that do not have " official" screening methods, and these are thousands.
The usual physical exams rarely detect anything important. We hear daily about celebrities diagnosed with cancers in advanced stages. That is why we have designed these special detailed medical exams and tests with the goal of detecting cancers very early, as soon as they appear or even before the cells become malignant. These exams are extremely high level and include secondary testing and are not for people who cannot afford them. But we use the money made from these exams to help the sick people who cannot afford medical care, as well as for medical research.
To schedule an exam or learn about the details, you can email to lupus.foundation@hotmail.com
We accept also tax-deductible donations for clinical trial funding.

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