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bowe cancer

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my dad had to go for a colonoscpy and an endoscopy the specialist told my dad its bowel cancer on monday. he had to go for an mri and a ct scan on wednesday it said in leaflet 2 / 3 weeks for result but he got a phone call to say he has to go to hospital nxt thursday to see consultant for results is this bad news i would rather know to prepare myself can anyone help

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Hello, sorry you had to find us. Is this colon cancer? If it is you might want to post on the correctol board also. Its good that they are moving quickly and this way you'll know exactly what the next step is. Until there are results there is no way to know if its bad or good. Next Thursday isn't an emergency which I would say is better than them saying get here now. I know Thursday can't come soon enough. I wish you and your father well, and please keep us posted. Lori

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heldo, Sorry you had to find us.... Yes, also post on the colorectal board. I agree, Thursday can't come soon enough; but it also isn't "get here now". Please keep us posted. Good luck. Our prayers are with you and your father. Be strong for him. Try not to spend your energy worrying... it doesn't help. Keep a positive attitude... and Laugh. Laughter will get you through this. God bless.

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I have rectal cancer that is being treated like anal cancer. (squamous cell). At first I thought I HAD Anal cancer. I guess I was too nervous to "hear correctly." Anyway, I go back and forth between the Colorectal board because that is the kind of cancer I have and where it is located and the Anal cancer board because my treatment and resulting side effects are the same as the folks on this board. There is nothing like experience for a teacher.

Sorry you are here but glad you found us. Lorie

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