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End of week 5!!

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I finshed week 5 today!! Chemo done and only 3 more radiation treatments left!! I know you cant see me but I am smiling ear to ear! I was very fortunate as I didnt have bad reactions from the chemo, just a sore mouth for a couple of days. The radiation is what can I say.. a pain in the *** LOL! Got some open areas on my tailbone and around my anus and my cheeks feel sunburned. The domeboro soaks are awesome, seems to dry things up and feels less raw. Silvadene is my best friend. I asked Rad Onc for Lidocaine cream and wow what a difference it makes when having a bowel movement. The last 5 weeks are kind of a blur, they did go fairly quickly looking back.

I thank God for finding this board and all of you. The information you share is invaluable and the support you give is just awe inspiring. God bless each and everyone of you! And thanks!!!!!


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I am so proud of you. I wish I had only 3 I'm looking at 11 I got off my schedule, just knowing it's possible to do is going o help me get through this, I will keep you in my prayers. Let your healing begin.

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Thank you so much! I hope it goes very fast for you. Praying for you everynight Denise, youre gonna make it!!!!

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for a burned bottom i suggest RADIAGEL. you can get it over the counter at wallmart. It was quite a relief for me

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