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My Debulking Surgery

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I had my surgery on March 19th and returned home this Wednesday after 10 days in hospital. The gynae/onc who did the surgery was extremely pleased with what he found, or didn't find! He said the chemo I have been on (4 rounds of carboplatin and paxitaxol - 2 rounds still to go) had left no visible signs of live cancer!! He removed my omentum and my two wizzened up ovaries which remained from a long ago hysterectomy. Neither of these had any visible cancer but pathology showed miniscule tumours.

The pain relief I opted for was an epidural which remained in place for 3 days and I have to say was amazingly successful!. After that was removed I had a couple of days of discomfort and nausea until I got the right regime of pain killing drugs for me. Unfortunately I then got an infection in the wound which kept me in hospital for a little longer than expected.

However it is wonderful to be home with my dear husband, and daughter nearby, and sleeping in my own bed. The surgery was done in a hospital 100kms away rather than our rather small local hospital.

Just before the surgery I had a further CA125 and that had come down to 16 so within the normal range!!!

I see my Oncologist next week and we will then schedule my next chemotherapy.

I have a great determination that I will beat this and see my grandchildren born and grow up!!!!

JulieL, Gold Coast, Australia

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I am really pleased that all has gone well for you and you are feeling so positive, keep up the good work and keep us updated, especially with all the good news!! SueX

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Hi: That is wonderful news! I am so glad you came through it all right. The worst is over.

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Well done Julie, all sounds great. I had my surgery in Feb '11, two further chemo's last one being April '11 and I haven't looked back. I almost forget that I was so poorly once upon a time and I hope that continues for a good while.

Wishing you continued good health,
Marisa in London

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Thanks for the update. I agree with you that you will continue to do very well.

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Thank you ladies for all your support and good wishes. We have a trip planned in July of this year to Italy and then London (for the second week of the Olympics) so lots to work towards!
The support received from this Board has been utterly invaluable and I thank each and every one of you.

JulieL x

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Tina Brown
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I am so pleased that your surgery was a success. Now all you have to do it rest and look after yourself.

Tina xxxx

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Really glad you found the surgery something you could deal with and that there was good news. It's a huge thing to go through what you did and now you have lots to look forward to.

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I am so happy for you Julie, that is the best news!!!! You are a good fighter and so far it has been so successful - just keep that speed. Thank you for charing to all of us.


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