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Class Motto by Terry

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I love this class motto Terry posted:
Credit for the class motto to Jeff Thomas - known on the forum as JThomas233, not JeffT. Quoting Jeff from NikiMo's "Last Day of Radiation" thread posted 07/28/2011 http://csn.cancer.org/node/223281

As a contributing member of the Sophmore class, and because I was a Fraternity member in College, I recommend that our Class Credo be-

sine timore progredi..
propositum in potestate!

Progress without fear..
Power in our purpose!

Also - I'm going to call of the women caregivers and survivors my sisters-in-cause.

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Hi Sis! Well, I'm not a caregiver any more. I wish I were.

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Once we've traveled this path, like blood family, there's no breaking our ties!

Positive progress for Don, Judy! and progress toward a cure for those who have lost a loved one.

Love & Hugs to you both!


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