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Just wondering about the water filtering. We have well-water that has no chemicals in it except what God put there(at least that I know of). Do you all think I still need a filter for the tap water? If so, what kind do you all recomend? Thanks, debrajo

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we have an alkaline water ionizer. we also have well water and it tested a little acidic so we decided to get the ionizer. I like the taste of the water better, too. I'm not totally sure about the whole acid/alkaline thing but I'll do anything thay may help with the cancer battle.


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I too have well water, but I do filter it now that I am drinking so much water. I went out and bought the filter that attaches right to your facet called Pur. You can get them at Target. The filters are pretty expensive, but I've been used the same one for almost 3 months now and I drink close to a gallon of water a day. A little light flashes when its time to change it. You can easily remove it from the facet or there is a little switch right on it that lets you switch from filtered to unfiltered water.

Take care,

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Thanks Cindy and Light I was thinking of the Pur or the Brita. Just didn't know about what the cost would be. Our well water is pretty "hard" mostly with iron or Rust. Will have to see what "bill" I can pay next month so I can get one to try. Thinks guys!!Debrajo

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