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vit c iv???

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Joined: Nov 2010

Anyone doing or have done any vit c iv treatment with chemo? thanks..flyguide

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Yes i have been doing vit c iv for the last 3 months every 2 weeks..Iam on xeloda and supplements and also no suger diet.............I have never felt better.

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I posted a little while back about a clinical trial using it and chemo.....I can't remember where it the States it was.

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I was reading some of the postings. It anyone could email me some information regarding it spangler_barbara@yahoo.com. I am currently in remission for colorectal cancer. Currently have stent in my urterer gets replaced every 3 to 4 months. now have hypothryoidism. I have been reading about supplements.

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so far my cea is continuing to rise, alas.
I am keeping the therapy going despite my increasing markers.

I found out the other day it really stimulates your granulocytes, and that these are really important.



ps its nice to know we have a few here getting iv c. i have started making my own liposomal vit c at home, its much much cheaper. not sure how effective, but i am still typing.

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I can say there is no known harm from it. your body happily will rid itself of any excessive vit C and so it is unlikely to be harmful in any way.

Will be interested to hear of your experience if you choose to try it,

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Joined: Nov 2010

Hi Steve,

I thought i was adventurous, I am a boring old conservative when it comes to cancer therapies. alas! i will see how this goes.

just having a tableppoon of my first batch of liposherpic vitamin C.



this great about vit c and gsh and cancer its 90 minutes long

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My wife is stage IV, two years from diagnosis. She's had about 369 IV vitamin C infusions, heavy supplementation somewhat like the LEF protocol, and daily maintenance immunochemotherapy of cimetidine, UFT, leucovorin and PSK. Her IV vitamin C was up to daily after surgeries, mostly 60-75 grams of vitamin C per infusion, stepping down from 5x to 4x to 3x to 2x to 1x per week. Doing fine.

For more details, click "tanstaafl"

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I am starting my first iv vit-c on Tuesday, including in what they call a "myers cocktail" Ever heard of that?


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they will build the dose up slowly , they did for me.


ps welcome to the oj club.

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My husband found out that VitaminC can be used as a natural statin for heart. He was having trouble with statins and is nowing trying VIT c with his Cardio permission plus diet. I have to tell him about Vit C IV...just an interesting connection to what you were talking about.....I hope all your chlestorol is perfect....Pat

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Joined: Nov 2010

I am on glisodin for nutrient support, as a coincidence its claimed to help reduce thickening aterial wall thickness. I hope its helping reverse the damage of my earlier life and to build better health going forward.


Ps why not have the healthiest heart so you can cope with lifes challenges inc crc

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