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Low immunoglobin M, what does it mean

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Does anyone know the significance of laving a low immunogloblin M level. I had blood work done and the level was 25. The “A” and “H” were in normal range. The normal range for “M” is 40-230. I have NHL and just finished 20 rad treatments, which seem to have work.

miss maggie
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Hi Coupe,

Even though I am not a doctor, I can give you my thoughts. First, did you question your
doctor? If so, was he alarmed?

You are correct the normal range is 40 - 230. In my opinion, your level of 25 is not too
far from 40. The good news, the A and H were in normal range. I never heard of H levels.
When I have time, I will check this out.

My levels were as follows:

IgG 543 low normal 700 - 1600
IgM 38 low normal 40 - 230
IgA 224 normal normal 70 - 400

My oncologist was not too concerned. She stated some of the low levels were still caused
by the Rituxan treatment I had once weekly for 4 weeks. I never had radiation or chemo,
just Rituxan. All of my other blood work is good and within normal range.

I hope this helps. Maggie

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All the doc said was blood was OK. But I do not think he had the full results yet. When I meet with the doc they take a sample of blood and while I'm waiting in the room they do their thing and stick the report in my folder. He then comes in and discusses my case. I believe for things like IG, A and M and sugar levels they send it off and get the results next day. I always go and get a copy then just to see what my sugar levels are. That's when I saw the low M. My other values are low also but within range. G is 91 and A is 881. Now I did have 4 treatments of rituxan, but that was 2 years ago. And I read (I think) rituxan can effect IGM but again it has been so long since I had it, thanks

miss maggie
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You are correct. Whenever I have my blood taken, some of the results come in immediately. The immunization tests come in later. The oncologist then mails me the results. I too, had
Rituxan about a year prior to this test. I can't figure it why some of my levels were a bit low so long after treatment of Rituxan.

I hate giving info on how I feel. So afraid of jinxing myself. I have the results of pages and pages of blood results, and everything is great. With the exception of my sugar level, a
bit low. I have always had low sugar levels. I also have lots of energy.

Did you have your vitamin D level checked? Anyway, I think it is a good idea to take
1000mg of Vitamin D3 daily. I also take multi vitamins and minerals, vitamin C, fish oil, and
vitamin D3 daily. My oncologist had no problem with me taking vitamins. I think you should
ask your doctor first.


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Hi Maggie, How are you? I noticed that you take several different vitamins, I saw my Onc last week and I asked him about taking vitamins and he said yes. He prescribed Iron (I'm anemic), Vitamin C, Vitamin D (50,000 UI), and now I'm taking a multivitamin for women. I used to take fish oil and that really helped me with my cholesterol levels. I'll ask him if I can start taking them again. The only thing that is bothering me is pain in my back down to my bottom, I already told him several times, he first said it could be a herniated disk, now he says its not that and could be something else (forgot the name) he mentioned! He told me to take 2 liquid Aleeve gels in the morning and 2 at night for 5 days and that should take the pain away. And if the pain doesn't go away to call him, its been 4 days now that I started doing it and I still have the pain. I'll call him next week and hopefully he'll do an MRI of my back. That's the only thing that is holding me back of doing a lot of the things I want to do! Sorry about the venting. Well take care and I'm really happy that you feel good. (((HUGS)))


miss maggie
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Dear Liz,

So sorry you have the burden of worrying about your back pain. If I may say, I am
sure it has nothing to do with your current DX. If the Aleve hasn't been working, I
agree, a MRI is in order. MRI has no radiation. Aleve is a pretty good pain medication.
For you taking 2 aleve every 12 hours should of worked. Did your doctor mention Cyatica?
Sorry, can't spell the word. If so, Cyatica is very painful indeed.

I also take Aleve when my plans for the day are busy running around. Since my small
bowel perforated, I have a fear of taking too much Aleve. There are stomach issues
with Aleve. Don't you worry, taking Aleve temporary, for 5 days, twice a day is temporary.
Since having a bone marrow biopsy, my right hip was affected by the procedure. I also
always had a problem with my right knee. Pain in right hip and right knee can stop you in
your tracts.

By the way, I ommited I have low iron counts also. I also take iron supplements, 1 tablet 3 times a week. I have always had low iron counts, even before my DX of NHL. Are you taking
50,000 mg of vitamin D3 a day???? I believe our level for Vitamin D should be between 30
and 50.

Not at all. Please vent as often as you need to. For me, Most times I vent to myself,
and other times on this site when it gets too bad to tolerate. This damn hip pain has
changed my life entirely. I can't walk long distances, and everything is an effort. It is
what it is, and I have to accept it. This is my life now. Oh well.

Love and hugs to you also. Let me know when you have the MRI and the results. OK sweetie.

Love and peace to you. Maggie

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Hi Miss Maggie,
To tell you the truth I don't remember the name but it sounded longer than sciatica, I've actually already researched sciatica and I really don't think that is what I have. That's why I'm getting frustrated with my doc because I don't want for him to be doing the guessing game. About the vitamin D, I take it twice a week.
I'm taking my hubby next time to my appointment (he has a stronger character than me) that way the Onc won't do the brush off with me. I feel like a broken record sometimes when people ask me how I'm doing and I just sigh and say I still have the pain (sometimes I lie and say I'm fine). I just really want the pain to go away forever. Thank you for listening. Take care of yourself and I'm sending you a HUGE HUG via internet!


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Hey Liz, you sound just like me, I feel like that same broken record, all I get is that look!! I have pain in my lower back and I feel so wore down, got to tell you I don't like the "new me"! Hope you start feeling better, Vinny

miss maggie
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Joined: Mar 2010

Dear Sweet Liz.

What a great idea bringing hubby along. I think sometimes, when we see our doctor, so
much info is thrown into the conversation, we can get lost. Therefore, whatever we miss,
another person will pick up. Please don't put yourself down.

Since your doctor advised taking 100,000 a week, your levels might have been
low? Do you take Vitamin D only, or Vitamin D3? I believe there is a difference between
the two??

Hopefully you will have a MRI scheduled asap to answer your question about the back pain.

I don't understand people sometimes. If they ask a question, is it too much for them when
you give them a honest answer?

You know I send the very best, and a huge hug via the internet. Please get the MRI soon.

Prayers and blessings to you. Love Maggie

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