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2 years clear

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Hi, everyone. I have not posted in a while. My insurance changed and I was not able to afford my 4-month scans since last June 2011. Luckily, I was able to access the cancer clinic at the VA hospital (I am a Veteran), and finally as of last week was able to get a CAT Scan. Today, I got my results... Thank God I am still NED... however, several small nodules appeared on my lung... non-specific, so far. At this point, there is nothing to be done. I get scanned again in 3 months. I wish everyone well and pray for all of our good health. God bless all of us survivors... and all of our caregivers and families.

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Great News! I wish you continued great news. Lori

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Thanks for sharing your great news with us! I'm very happy for you and wish you NED forever!

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for one and all!

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I had spots on my lung too that they determined were just "inflammation". Thanks for posting. Have a great spring holiday or Happy Easter.
all the best,

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