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Botox Shots

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Lee Christensen
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Has anybody here ever recieved a Botox shot in the stomach to help in digestion? My doctor wants me to have them to help, but I would like to know if they work or not.

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Hi Lee, I know nothing about botox, but I just wanted to wish you well. Linda

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Hi Lee,

My dad had the Ivor Lewis in October of 2011. About 2 to 3 weeks after coming home he couldn't eat a thing. One night pizza went down okay, next night he couldn't even put it on his tongue without gagging. It turned out his Pyloric valve was not relaxed enough to let the food pass through. After a few weeks on a liquid diet to get his stomach to empty out, they went in, gave him botox and he has been FINE since.

(My sister has botox for her migraines, but that is a whole 'nother story...)

Dad is less than 6 months out from the surgery and he is doing wonderful. The first few months were so scary with finding balances for nutrition and what he could eat then with the blockage...we were blessed that the Botox was an easy and right answer.

Good luck,
Beth :)
Daughter of Roy

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