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radical radiation leads to damage - heart, lungs and spine

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Does anyone have any experience with radiation induce pleuritis

The oncologist considered this would be a short term issue but the damage is increasing.
Hubby is has gone from breathless on exercise to at rest within days!

No explanation has been forthcoming or possible treatment/management offered.

Radiation was 6 Gy - on one occasion twice in six hours!

In spite of all the radiation the dysphagia continues, it is yet unknown if this is residual tumour or inflammatory radiation damage. All that I can say is the original disease has been expanded to include multiple problems extending to severe vision loss several being just as life shortening/threatening.

I am left wondering if Eric's way would have been a better option given hubby was inoperable

A very distressed and exhausted cargiver

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Thanks for the reply, to answer in order

Aug/Sept 2011
No steroids, inhalers or spirometer nothing offered, claimed it would right itself

Most of yesterday through to the early hours were spent in A&E after our general doct. pushed some panic bottons suggesting there were blood clots in the lungs.

New xray showed right lung 3/4 full of fluid - removed sample of 20ml full of blood
blood test marker CPR high at 70 (was 20) it now seems adding to the diagnosis in mets to lungs as white count low

The small amount removed gave immediate relief though short lived.

Now waiting for someone to pull finger and do a full drain - refused last night even after a very heated debate, the regs was nearly in tears. I am not a bully but the bottle blow the cork.

Please, could anyone give me guidance for this next onslaught,after so many mistakes I have no trust or confidence in the hospital

What are the options - hub is very drug sensitive and is now doing this drug free!


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Mom had 30 rounds of radiation, severe skin burns, loss of voice and pleural effusion and pericardial effusion. Lungs drained once and probably needed to be drained again. Have a D-Dimer test done and if positive, follow with a CT scan. (I think it's the same thing you're talking about.)

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A special thanks for your reply, hope you are taking special care of yourself

28, yes severe burns open wounds, hospitalize, etc

will drain and scan again only did ct two weeks ago - recommendation was to follow up we were not told, learnt this last night

havent slept in days so off to catch a few z's before appointment in 2hours.


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Kit all I can say is wow. I am just now letting go of my anger with the doctors and what they put my husband thru. The 28 radiations almost did him in. I was so angry at myself for even agreeing to this had we known he never would have done the radiation. lots of pain and weight lose. He is now on hospice and doing well living a quality of life gained 20 pounds, is taking two daily walks a day. I know some day I will loss him due to no cure but least I have these past few months of enjoying him, and not watching him in so much pain. Hang in there my heart goes out to you.

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