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reply on dr. issues

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i,d like to thank you folks for takeing the time to answere , our lupus dr said he would talk to the oncologist but i am afraid that will make it worse . we go to the harrington cancer center in ama. texas mostly they have been great. i am not sure i have many options for a dr. change.when we did chemo class they said they would always call back even if it is after six , but that often does not happen.. the nurse will say something like i knew u were comeing in in a couple days ect. it;s leading up to me just asking them to there face if they have a problem with us . and i know thats probley not the right way to handle it but its just building up inside it was realy nice to vent and have a little support. our only experance with cancer had been our parents in the 80s and 90s which was not good , we had not realy known of cancer suvivors ...we did oour 15 th rad treatment yesterday after missing almost two weeks . which realy bothered us i am just trying to keep her going to get tru the treatments .. i have not realy been able to talk to anyone here as i am a private person , but with all her other health issues , a bit overwhelmed. she had her first stroke 20 years ago and is pretty much home bound before this came up. this dr. wants to start full blown chemo without even waiting to see if the cancer is gone because it was in her lymph nodes but all below the pelvis .. said she had a similar case and he is cancer free after 4 years . i soooo want that for her , i'd like to wish each and everyone of you love peace happyness doug and nancy

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Please keep asking questions of your doctors until you get answers. I know it's difficult, but you have the right to know what's going on. Keep fighting and please keep us posted on what happens next. May God bless.

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I was diagnosed the end of 2011 and have 6 radition treatments left.

It is very hard to be the one going through the treatments but it must be just as difficult to watch the person you love go through it. Nancy is blessed to have you by her side, and it is obvious how much you love her. I applaud you for taking such good care of her. May God bless both of you. I too have a special loved one that goes to all of my appointments and has no issue commenting to the MD or asking the questions I forget.

And I agree keep asking questions. Write them down in a tablet and take them with you to MD appointments. You and Nancy have a RIGHT to get the questions answered, period. Any MD worth their weight in salt will take the time to help you understand. It is alright to be assertive about your thoughts, concerns and questions. If you have insurance you might want to check to see if they offer Case Management services where you are connected with a nurse case manager over the phone who might be able to advocate for you and Nancy and provide guidance, there ususaly is no cost for this service as is part of your plan. You can find out by calling the customer service number on the back of your insurance card and asking for a case manager or contacting the Human Resource department at work. I have one through mine and she has been very helpful.

I will keep you both in my prayers,


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Hi, I have not posted in a while, but as I was reading through the posts, I thought I'd add my input. Please, keep asking questions until you get the answers that you understand. Write down your questions and the answers so that you have the info to refer to at home. Also, you are entitled to a second opinion. If you are not happy with your dr's way of doing things... then find another dr. One you are comfortable with. Any dr worth his/her salt will appreciate you wanting to get another viewpoint. I changed dr's after my radiation and 1st round of chemo.. I got someone with a better bedside manner... and that nmade all the difference in the world to my journey. I wish the best for you. And keep laughing. Laughter will get you through it. Rely on any family and friends for any and all offers of help. Take care and God bless.

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