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needing advice about oncologist help

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do not quit know where to turn my wife has been very ill for a long time before cancer of this jan. we were sent to a oncologist , after meeeting her she was a bit stiff but we decided to deal with it to get good treatment . she has had her first 5 day chemo 5 fu and had side affects when i told the dr.s nurse she was still haveing nausea coule we try something else i was informed that they only use those particular meds there and since she had been off the pump for 3 days her symptoms of vomiting diarra where not the chemo and call our regular dr. it was just a bug ... left us stuck out . i told them what i read here about trying different nausa med and symptoms are different for different people . they acted offened . two days later we were in the er . that dr . definatly thought it was the chemo , scans showed her small intestins were very irratated , she had symptoms of intestin blockage her regular dr steped in and treated her , her oncologist is very stiff with us but i hear her joking and having a good time with other patients . we still have another 5 day chemo session comeing up. then she wants to do even stronger chemo after that.. i hate to interuppt treatment or change in the middle what can i doits realy eating at me as i am a experiance caregiver and i know her very well interms of when she is sick but they just blow me off , the radiation dr,and nurse are great wish they were more alike . thanks for letting me vent . do not know what to do in texas

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My husband has stage 3B lung cancer we saw three oncologist before we decided on one.My advise is you have a long ways to go yet and if you don't like your oncologist you have every right to see a different one.We found a big difference between oncologists and treatments. We found one that we can call 24/7 and they will call something in for nausa etc.We husband has had both chemo and radiation and is getting more but both doctors have been great about giving him meds for the side effects and the meds really do help.If your doctor is blowing you off it is time to set her straight or get a new doctor. There are a lot of oncologist around.There are many new drugs out for the side effects and most oncologist give them to you to have on hand before the side effects even start.
We are in Michigan otherwise I would give you our doctors names. I will be praying for your wife and wish you the very best.
Please keep me posted on how you are doing.

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My hubby went to U of M in Michigan we had good doctors but trip so long we wanted to get closer to home and we tried another place wow What a difference, so we were not happy we went back to Uof M, they treat us with respect , let us ask questions and we ask them allot. I say this the doctor is your employee, if you do not like then fire them, They wrok for you you have every right to be treated with repect and ask questions, So fire them . It is not that hard to do.

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I agree with zinniemay.Fire them and move on that is what we did. We had sevral oncologist near by. We saw three different oncologists and decided like you did it was worth driving to Detroit every day for radiation and chemo. We went with the Beautmont doctors and have been very happy.Some times closer is not always better. We ask alot of questions and are treated with respect.

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If the ONC is not listening or treating you and your wife with respect and some gentleness find another ONC. I was on three different kinds of medication to keep me from throwing up so they should be doing everything they can to keep her comfertable during her treatments (sorry about the spelling it is chemo brain). I will be lifting your wife and you up in my prayers.

Love, hugs, and Prayers

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