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Slow Digestion

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Lee Christensen
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I have recently had another EGD done and they found food in my stomach. So, I had another test done where they scanned for 2 hours after eating a radio active sandwich. The results where that 70% of the sandwich was still there after 2 hours.
So, my question is has anybody else had this problem? Also, what were the recondmendations to help this problem?

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Sorry, I have no idea; however, Hope you find some answers. Please let us know as I am not familiar with this problem. BMGky

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It seems that this is very common after an esophajectomy. The vagus nerve is cut which causes the slowness. My husband took Reglan prior to each meal and bedtime to help with motility. He didn't have any issues with the Reglan but some people react badly to it. Others have used erythromycin or other drugs.


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The pylorus valve might need stretching. They did that to my husband twice - results are fast and satisfying.

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