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post radical nephrectomy back pain

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My wife had a left kidney radical nephrectomy 11-18-2011. Things are going well and she has a upcoming 1st scan in May (which we are nervous about). My question is she is complaining of a small back pain just under her ribs on the side with her remaining good kidney. It is not there all the time but she says it comes and goes. It is not a sharp pain... just enough to bother her from time to time and has her concerned. Has anyone else had a similar pain? Thanks...Kathy & Jack

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Hi Jack,
I had pain off and on in my lower right back after my left radical nephrectomy. It eventually went away. Who knows what it was? At my age, I get a lot of pains that come and go. Kathy's pain can be due to almost anything, including a kidney stone. It's best to talk to your doctor about it and let him or her decide whether it's something to worry about. I'm rooting for your scan in May to show NED (no evidence of disease).

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Thanks for your answer Mike. Also thanks for the good thoughts about her upcoming scan. Your answer along with all the information we get from this site is very helpful. It helps her (us) greatly that we can talk with others going thru this. Thank you all and keep your spirits up. You are not alone.

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