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A shout out to darrlipe and vangusto

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I hope I got got the names right ,I remember darril was having problems with his remaining kidney ,I also remembers vangustos tumor at time of dx was rather large but both of them had a very positive attitude,hey if you guys are still out there please let us know how are you doing ,I do think about both of you and have only hoped for the best.

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Vagusto and Errol (Boomersdad) are whom you have in mind? I share your hope they're both doing well and I keep wondering how flatlander is getting on.

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Limelife means DaryllPe. Last we heard from him was a couple of months ago. His GFR levels had dropped. I hope he's doing well.

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To Val, Errol, and his other brother Daryl, hope all are doing well.


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