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Results of study in Australia of SIR-Spheres for those with inoperable tumors

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can be found (i hope)at: prnewswire.com
once on main page ,look at upper right for search box,type in SIR-spheres,check the "News Release" button and you should get "Largest Comparative Study of Radioembolisation Shows.....",dated march 23

Again,might be worth the trouble to access.......

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its funny to think they have been this for years here, in my colorectal group. i took it for granted, must be a few advantages to being an aussie. its nice to know our scientists are helping the world wide colorectal fight.

thanks steve.


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working on defeating cancer but it seems as if each is focusing on a different aspect,gene,pathway,etc. Almost every week someone,somewhere "discovers" something that may or may not be a new predictor,target,etc....As i mention elsewhere, a protein named Lrig1 which resides in the "intestinal crypt" has been found ,"which may act as a brake on cell growth and proliferation."......

And another researcher's thoughts:

(rather blunt stat in this one for those not into such figures).....

So many genes/proteins/pathways have been indentified in the past year or two that i've read of and there's undoubtedly so much more i haven't heard of.......As we live longer, its been said that one in two men and one in three women in the US will be diagnosed with some variety of cancer.

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