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What do you do know

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I've been going threw this lymphoma cancer for several monthes. I don't understand that my wife left me and my world has falen appart.I hope if I beat this I will be a stronger person.


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Im sorry you are going through so much right now. I know that when you are dealing with something as horrific as cancer you dont need anymore on your plate. My husband left me shortly after I finished my treatment (I should probably change my profile picture now huh lol) but I just learned to understand that not everyone can handle a cancer diagnoses, and that goes for patients and caregivers. It takes a strong person to accept things that are out of his or her control and move forward with wanting to live and enjoy life. Once you win this battle, and I have faith you will, things are going to fall in place in a postive way.
Take care


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Hi Gaby,
Wow...it breaks my heart when I hear such things! My husband was a mess when we first got the news, but over time we both learned how to deal with the situation. We still have our moments, but talking about whats bugging us seems to put us back on track again. I've been extra antsy all weekend..(my yearly scan is tomorrow)...so Steve has given me space and a ton of patience as I busied myself doing silly tasks all weekend to keep my mind pre-occupied. He gets it, even though I know at times he wishes he had the "old me" back. You take care sweet lady and know we are always here for you. Love...Sue

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I am sorry that you and Gaby have had to experience the loss of your marriages along with this dreaded disease. I do agree with Gaby that not everyone can handle this whole deal. Hang tough and surround yourself with friends and family and I'm confident that you'll do fine. It's always such a mystery why we are handed the situations we find ourselves in but I am a believer that we are never given more than we can handle.

The best to you. Take care. Glad you have reached out on this sight. Great caring people here!


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I am not on the site very much anymore but saw your post when I came through to look around this morning and couldn't help but write you.

My marriage broke down too after my diagnosis and I had no idea actually that he was looking around for someone else and one woman was handy at work I found out much later. I had no idea. I guess it was just a matter of time but as one of the other members said to you, when you are going through cancer treatments and dealing with the disease it should be all you have to handle. Unfortunately life goes on and other issues come up and sometimes we seem to get hit with a multitude of things at once because when you are going through cancer it truly does change your whole life and everything in it to some degree. When you have a strong marriage and lots of support it's just a whole lot easier to get through, that's for sure.

Please know that this site is just super for support and they really do understand. Unfortunately there seems to be a high risk of relationship failure when dealing with cancer and like a member said here some people just can't take the stresses that come with it all. It can be very hard but cancer does make you stronger as you will find out and I'm sure there is a bright future waiting for you just around the corner.

By the way I am a non hodgkins lymphoma survivor of well over 2 decades. You can beat it.

All the best,


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Hi Bluerose,
It's sure good to hear from you! As I said to Gaby and Kevin, I'm so sorry you also went through your spouse leaving. Makes me think of that low life John Edwards everytime I hear something like this. What the heck happened with "through sickness and health".."good times, bad times"..etc. Well...life does go on and as we all know, we can usually handle a whole lot more than we ever give ourselves credit for. I hope all is good with you and hope to hear from you more often. Much love...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

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Hi Kevin,
I can't imagine how difficult this is on you, but glad you found this group for support. My thoughts and prayers are with you and anytime you need to vent or just talk about whats happening with your treatments, someone will be here to help you out. Take care and best wishes. Sue (Follicular NHL-stage3-grade2-typeA-diagnosed June 2010) age 61

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Hi Kevin, I'm really sorry that you're going through a tough time right now. I agree with everybody else here that responded to your post. You will become a stronger person when you're done with everything, just don't get a heart of stone OK, because everybody is different and hopefully one day you will find the right person! Take care of yourself because your health is what matters the most and let us know how everything is going with you ok.


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Easier said then done , I know, but your need to put everything else aside and focus on getting better. I have been through cancer twice, and it put's a strain on everything in your life..... You will be a stronger person! Vinny

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