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Celebrating a year of Remission :)

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Hello all,
I know I have not posted or replied in awhile, life has definitely been keeping me busy, but I wanted to share with you all that I am still hanging in there and winning the battle over a possible relapse. Till this day I have never asked why me when it comes to having had cancer, I just believe that he knew I would still be okay and just wanted to give me a little detour in my hectic life :) Everyday I am thankful for the family and friends, which include all of you, in my life. I have grown and learned so much in this time, and have had the most amazing love and support from everyone. I look back and actually see my diagnoses as a positive and not necessarly a negative. Dont get me wrong, the chemo sucked and it was scary having to accept the reality that things may not be ok, but thankfully they were and I was given a second chance. It was a wake up call to love and enjoy my life. I know everyday is a blessing and I try to do my best to appreciate each day and pass on something positive. I share my story to everyone and anyone to make them aware that no one is exempt from this horrible disease called cancer and the more you know the better you can be prepared. My biggest dream is to be around when we finally find a cure, and that sooner then later the numbers for survivors will overcome the number of those lost. I will do everything and anything I can to continue to fight the fight that so many have unfortunately lost. I truly believe that is why I was giving a second chance, so that within my prayers, raising funds for the cause, and sharing my knowledge I can make a difference.
For those who celebrate years of remission I am glad to finally join your club, and for those not yet there never lose hope, and never give up. You all have played an important and large role in my recovery that I can not thank you enough for. Although I may not be on here as often as I would like, I still have you all in my thoughts and prayers. I wish you all a great today and a better tommorow.


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Great news to hear Gaby! Vinny

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Congratulations on your continued Remission! Our disease is a strange one isn't it? (I refer to it as "The Beast" or "The gift that keeps on giving". :)

I am happy that your dx has become a type of gift. I really get that. I always thought that I tried to live in the moment and enjoy it all but I found more clarity after my dx and subsequent treatment.

I haven't found a place of Remission yet but I know I will...have an amazing team of family,friends and doctors as you do. I pray everyday for my Lymphoma family on this sight that we all find Remission and an eventual cure...

God Bless and the best to you!


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I totally understand. I have been in remission since June 09 and feel blesed everyday. God has made good out of this for me. I appreciated my family and friends but it is all better. Keep on keeping on and may God bless you and your family. Joanie

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" target="_blank">Congratulations Gaby and Happy Dance ! ♥

Big hugs,


miss maggie
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Dear Gaby,

I am so really happy to hear you have finally reached remission. I have been in remission
since Jan 2011, and so far I feel great. I am due for another pet scan in August 2012. If
how I feel is any indication of the results of the scan, the dx will be no cancer activity.

I am scheduled to see a dermatologist tomorrow, Tuesday March 27. I noticed a small
black mark on my face above my eyes. Normally I would leave it alone. I understand
patients DX with Lymphoma should always see a Dermatologist.

I read your post from March 25. I am so sorry. I won't pretend to know how you feel. I
can only imagine if any of my loved ones leaving me becausee I was DX with cancer. I see
you do have support from others on this site.

Stay strong, and try and celebrate your remission. Love Maggie

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Very happy to hear a remission success! Congratulations on the good news and keep it up!

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Hi Gaby, It's really nice to hear from you and especially that you are in remission! I'm also saddened by your other posting. All I know is that you're definitely a strong person and just know that your not alone and whenever you need to come here and vent we will be here for you! I found this poem for you...take care


Whatever the future holds, I cannot tell yet,
But I can now see the glow,
A shimmer of light,
A glimmer of hope,
In everything I do.

Feel every moment you live,
For you do not know,
When the sun will stop rising,
Become who you were born to be,
For everyone is here for a reason,
Discover the meaning of life,
You will know when you’ve found it,
The warm heart, and sound of tiny toes,
Pitt-pattering on the floor,
The sound of giggling and laughter,
Where there was none before.

Feel love, when you give,
Not only when you get,
I ask for one thing,
Don’t leave this world yet,
You have many more things to discover,
The light is upon you,
And remember…
You’re never alone.

by Sonia Perkin

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Hi Gaby,
Thats wonderful news! I am hoping to hear the same news later this week. My yearly CT scan is tomorrow at 8:30 a.m and I'm so anxious to hear nothing but "GOOD" results. Probably won't hear about the results until my copy comes in the mail at the end of the week. So....in the meantime I'm not looking forward to playing the good old "waiting game". Celebrate your great news dear one! Love...Sue

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prayers coming your way...I am not sure why they can't give you the results right after
the CT scan since they know what they are seeing at the time of scan. the waiting game seems like it takes forever. keep the faith in knowing you are not alone.

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Thank you all for your kind words. I really enjoyed the poem Liz and of course the happy dance from Jim lol. You all impacted me in a postive way this year I had to share the news. I hope to share many more good results with you guys as well as hear your good stories as well.


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