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some one to talk to about my cancer

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is there any place i can call to get some suport or help in dealing with this cancer??

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you can go on line on here and chat with survivors and caregivers. it has help many people.

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There are support groups in my area - Portland Oregon - personally I have found it to be a lonely journey that gets better as time goes by. Are you newly diagnosed?

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Hi again Kevin,

The chatroom on this site is great for immediate support if you need it but you might have to wait in the room for a bit til someone comes in so hang in there for awhile if you go in and the room is empty. There are times when it can be vacant for awhile and if it's too long then leave if you don't have time to wait any longer but do try back later on. It's worth it I have found most times I have gone in. Just jump in to the chat, don't wait for a break in the chat, often there are several conversations going on in there at a time and no one minds.

I am sure that if you contact the American Cancer Society hotline that you can find on this site, their phone number I mean, they can put you in touch with support groups in your area or if you ask your doctor or nearest hospital they may have some ideas too.

All the best,


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Just wondering if you've found the site specific cancer on the discussions boards on this website?

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Hi Kevin,
When I was first diagnosed I went through some depression! So my PCP referred me to see a counselor. It did help and I also come here and talk with all my buddies in the lymphoma board, they are always ready to help! I hope you go and talk to someone, sometimes dealing with it alone can be very hard. Wish you all the luck and come back and tell us how its going for you! Take care


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I am sure there are counselors in your area who you can talk to as well as support groups. There may be counselors from you local hospital, or elsewhere. You can always join the chat rooms as mentioned by some other people.

Good luck

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