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Ground turkey

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Hi ladies.

Do any of you use ground turkey rather than ground beef? There are mixed reviews out there as to which is better. When I use ground beef, it is very lean. My sister and her husband purchased 1/4 of local butchered beef last fall.

I mostly eat chicken or fish, but sometimes I have to have a change. I just told my sister earlier tonight that eating healthy every day sometimes gets a little boring. :) She agreed.

I am very careful now though about what I eat.

Hope all of you are doing well. You ladies feel like close friends. We're all in this battle together!! Thanks for your help.


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I used groound turkey when I ran my group home in the spagetti sause when I did use meat most times it was mushrooms spagetti tossed in a light olive oil. I don't care for the ground turkey it is to bland I love turkey breast which I think is so funny but it is ground beef for me.

Love, Hugs, and Prayers

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I make 'turkey burgers' about once a week to change things up a bit. It can be dry, because I get the very, very lean turkey. So, adding a little water, one egg, seasonings of your choice (or seasoned bread crumbs), make a wondeful turkey burger. Add in some chopped peppers, onions, whatever you like. I also will buy the boneless turkey breast when it's on sale. It roasts up nicely, and gives us a little bit of a 'Thanksgiving' feel for dinner.

I'm careful about what I eat also, Carla, for lots of reasons. Go ahead and add turkey to your plan!

Hugs and Prayers,

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I've eliminated red meat from my diet, as well as processed meats such as bacon, lunch meat, sausage, ham, etc. I only rarely eat other meat such as turkey or chicken. I do use ground turkey however, as my husband likes to eat some meat, but needs to eat healthy also. I've found that once you get used to ground turkey, it's hard to go back to ground beef. I use ground turkey in meatballs (heavily season these!) as well in anything that you would normally use beef. Turkey burgers are a good option, I have a great recipe from Rosie Daley's cookbook (former chef to Oprah). I'll see if I can dig it out.

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I have avoided red meat for years and like you, eat mostly chicken and fish, but I also enjoy turkey too, such as turkey burgers. Our meals are normally very simple because neither my husband nor I are "cooks" and I really don't enjoy cooking. (Funny, I love to watch cooking shows though.) My whole diet is fairly low-fat, except for one big exception: I have a big sweet tooth and I love brownies and chocolate chip cookies (who doesn't?). I do try my best to watch my intake of these goodies and sugar in general.


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I've researched the food issue to death, as I feel it is the key to continued good health. With the guidance of my naturopath, I have learned that only cleanly raised meats are healthy for us. Commercially raised meats have added antibiotics and hormones, and grain fed meat is high in omega 6. A diet high in omega 6 leads to inflammation. And actually, healthy fats are an important component of our diets. The low-fat/high-carb diet that has been recommended to us for years, has been, unfortunately, misguided, and was based on bad science. Carbohydrates are the food type to avoid, not healthy fats.

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in place of ground beef all the time now. I don't even notice a difference and neither does my family...or at least they haven't said anything. I make a meal with ground turkey once a week and a second turkey meal using turkey tenderloins or sausages. I have one red meat meal per week. I believe in the moderation priciple. I also try to have a vegetarian meal once per week or fish.

I wish I would dedicate more time to meal planning and I still do at times but when it becomes a chore I kind of step back. At this stage of my life I am tired of rules so in my own goody-two-shoes way, I look for ways to rebel.


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