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Rise in CEA after completion of radiation

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Hi everyone,
My husband has had his rectal surgery scheduled for April 11th. He finished radiation at the end of February and had labs done 4 weeks after. Today the Dr. called and said that his CEA is elevated to 10(it was 3.8 after his liver resection) She said that sometimes CEA goes up during treatment but it had been 4 weeks after radiaion when he had the labs done. So now we have to wait and see what all this means as he has a PET/CT scheduled for this Wednesday. Has anyone else had a rising CEA level after radiation was completed? My husband's initial CEA at dx was 5.8 so 10 is alarming. Thanks for any feedback. Hope you all have a good weekend! Hugs, Teri

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after radiation therapy is completed before it is actually done with us, so I would go by what your doctor is telling you. For the record, I did not have CEA blood work following radiation, so I have no personal experience with the effect.

I made the error of traveling for work about two weeks after radiation was done, and all I can say it that it was an exercise in misery the entire trip.

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I had radiation/chemo before surgery and the CEA jumped all around. A true barometer will be what it shows a month or so after surgery.
good luck with the surgery~

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Thanks for your comments! I guess I am confused because my husband has had liver resection and then chemo/rads. The rectal surgery is supposed to be in April but the oncologist said if the CEA rise is real(based on Pet results) then he can not have surgery at this time but will need more chemo first. His last treatment of the FOLFOX was in October 4 weeks before his liver resection so we are worried that something may be going on with this rise in CEA which means no surgery yet.....another week of worries.....we should be used to it by now. Thanks again for your responses.

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