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Hi, I'm New - Bladder Cancer Mets

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Ms Yiska
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Hi I am new here. I am 54 years old, female, live in New Zealand (east of Australia) and am glad that I have found somewhere where I can share and learn.

I was diagnosed February 2011 with bladder cancer. The Urologist tried to remove the tumour but was unable to get it all out. He sent me to an Oncologist for radiation treatment, but the Oncologist said that I had to have surgery.

I had to havae my bladder removedand have an ostomy bag. This was done in August last year, from which I just survived the operation, and was in intensive care for a few days. Not only did they have to remove the bladder, but part of the vaginal wall, cervix, uterus and ovaries.

It is a very aggressive fast moving cancer but when they did a scan in November they found that it had spread to the lungs and I have 3-4 tumours in the lungs.

They gave me up to 3 months to live, which expired yesterday and I am still here. I just wondered if anyone knows about the lymph nodes, as these are starting to swell up in some places. I also get exhausted quickly and have a lot of nausea, and feel very week.

I also have numerous kidney infections therefore turned down chemo as it would have meant that I would have been spending my precious 3 months hooked up to machines and intreavanous antibiotics. The chemo would haave only given me an extra 2 months.

I have good days (which are getting less and less) and bad days. On the bad days I am totally exhausted and sick. I was wondering if this is because my body is slowing down as it is fighting the cancer and continual kidney infections. Or could it be the lymphatic system.


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I am so sorry about all you have gone through. I am sitting on a hot bed too. I was diagnosed with Diffuse B Large Cell lymphoma in my eye orbit? Rare so rare they do not know what to do with it. So I wait for an appt. for two week since the onocologist said he can't treat this. I got myself an appt. in Gainesville, Florida at a large hospital there it is next Friday Oh the waiting??????? I have had a so called bladder infection for two months. Burns like fire and on third antibiotic. Dr. says no not related to the cancer but I wonder???? I am miserable. Like you I am seeing how bad this cancer is I have and RARE and how ghastly the surgeries and chemo and radiation are plus bone biopsy awake spinal taps etc. When to quit? I am terrifed and no energy. Lost appetite a long time ago. No information out there on orbital eye cancer so guess they all passed away and I shall follow suit at a very active 68 loving life. I am mad as hell. Are you? I see you are a long way away from us in Ft. Walton Beach, Fl. in the USA. But my heart is close to yours I promise you and I will pray daily for you. Hope to hear from you soon. Huggs. Carol

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