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New member with a question!

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Hello. It's going on two years since it was discovered that my husband has a brain tumor and seizure disorder, due to the tumor. He is on SSDI and I work, but am very stressed because I don't think he should be home alone with his condition. Does anyone know what a spouse can do? Someone from work mentioned a spouse can collect SSI in this situation, but I went to the SSI website and didn't see anything except for spousal support for widows/widowers. Or should I call my insurance? I would appreciate any feedback or information as I am sure there are a lot of people in this situation. Thank you and will read up on some of the posts.


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You should beable to contact your local social services, ask about obtaining
a Home Health Aide or list of volunteers to stay with your husband. There are
Adult Day Care Centers- I would check to see if you have one in your area. Also,
these should be offered free of charge being your husband is on disability. Good
luck, hopefully everything will work out and ease your burden.

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