B12 for low platelets, anyone try this?

BenLenBo Member Posts: 145
Running low platelet count, and was told to try
B12 supplement- has anyone tried using a natural
way to boost platelets? Dr's are thinking its
the Temador or Keppra causing this problem.


  • cindysuetoyou
    cindysuetoyou Member Posts: 513
    Be careful
    Ben, I just want to caution you about taking any supplements---please be sure you mention it to your NO before you do. Our NO specifically cautioned us not to take a certain supplement, and I think it might have been B12. He said it helps with cell growth and repair---exactly what we were trying to prevent by doing chemo. They did not want any cancer cells to be encouraged and helped to grow and repair.

    B12 might be totally fine to take--it's just important to check everything out with the doctors first. So many things have interactions and/or side effects that you just can't be too careful!

    I hope your platelets come back up really soon. Thinking about you--and praying for you!

    Btw, I checked out that ice fishing lodge place at that link you posted---loved it!! I'm putting ice fishing on my to-do list! Looks like a great time---I want to stay in one of those huts too! How was the fishing when you went?

    Love and blessings,