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CP Update-Husband Surgery

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God is good! My husband went into surgery on Monday. Not long after they started one of the surgeons came out and sat done and said, I have something to tell you. I thought OMG! He said we will not have to do two surgeries, we can get it all now. It looks pretty good. I just need you permission to do one. I said, I wish my husband could her this, he would be so happy. He said yeah he is a little sleepy right now. LOL.

So anyway, he was in recovery for about 4 hours then he was put in his room. I thought I would wait to tell him when he was more alert. He was alert and taking and asking about all kinds of stuff not related to the surgery. How are the kids, ect. I told him if you just hush for a moment I have something to tell you. He said Ok, what is it? Did they tell you something? I said yes the did. You are done with the surgeries.

He was so happy, he said are you serious? He is recovering really well. He is walking around. Vital are good.

Guys, it can happen, even in stage four. We pray he stays free and clear!


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We are so happy he is doing well after surgery. Prayers for his full recovery and good health. Thank you for sharing the good news.

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I'm thrilled you got such great news you must be do happy. Praying for a speedy and full recovery. Jeff

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Good for him!! So wonderful about only having to have one surgery, yea NED!!
Winter Marie

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Great news. I am so happy for you and your husband.

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and I am happy he's been looking after your hubby on this journey. Very pleased to hear your happy news. Wishing your husband a speedy and complete recovery from his surgery and beyond.

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